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Div One Today
August 31, 2017, 10:11 am
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We might be heading for three drawn matches. Two matches lost substantial time yesterday and in particular, it’s very difficult to see that Surrey & Middlesex can engineer much, given that neither can really afford to lose

It seemed that Lancashire were most likely to get a win, but their game against Warwickshire has not started because of the rain.

Surprisingly however, the forecast for Edgbaston on Saturday looks ok – if a little chilly by 9pm.

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‘Carbs’ has gone cheaply again (8) – at least it wasn’t to Coles. No place for Rouse in Kent’s team, nor Benny Howell for Gloucs. Wheater out for 88.

Comment by pompeypop

Our Second XI friendly at Horsham v Sussex ended abandoned.
Sussex 426-7 & 0-0 dec
Hampshire 31-1 dec & 83-0

Edwards took 1-75 off 14 overs.

Comment by John Cottrell

Thanks John. I wonder whether we shall see much more of Fidel? There are some ageing players at Hampshire, fast approaching their sell-by dates.

Comment by pompeypop

Never fear, Rod will get a few more Kolpaks – or will Brexit kill that route?

Comment by John West

Michael Vaughan was advocating his return to the West Indies team prior to the last Test. Mind you he didn’t know where he was playing nowadays.

(That’s the Michael Vaughan who is paid to be a cricket expert).

Comment by James

Middlesex making a late bid for Divison 2? Currently 96-6 (effectively 7 as Compton incapacitated with a bad back) only 63 ahead of Surrey.

Also Northants have managed to mirror our feat of a couple of years ago in returning home from a game with less points than they started with after earning 3 bonus points at Trent Bridge but losing 5 for a poor over rate!

Comment by James

That’s a good one! I think we were minus one (at Whitgift) so their minus two wins it! My earlier predictions of draws (it’s now 2.30) are being challenged by a general tumble of wickets.

Comment by pompeypop

Actually Lancashire look certain to win, setting up a rather nice ‘decider’ (?) against Essex next week. That McLaren’s not bad is he?

Comment by pompeypop

I guess if you were a supporter of Warwicks or Somerset you’d look at another defeat today, and pretty much resign yourself? Do we think the former can seek some compensation in the T20 or is that actually a different team?

As for the Oval, whoever did that, I hope (s)he’s not coming with them next week – I’m actually going to be there on Wednesday. The world is utterly bonkers.

Comment by pompeypop

Incidentally, I see Nick Compton tweeted a ‘joke’ about Robin Hood. That’s the trouble with having all these South Africans – they don’t know the difference between the Sheriff of Nottingham and William Tell.

Comment by pompeypop

I think both of those last two characters would strengthen Somerset’s batting. Abject surrender again it seems.

Comment by James

Was at the Oval, watched an interesting afternoon’s cricket before tea and arrow. Initially the security staff seemed to think the bow might have been amidst the hospitality types on high at the Vauxhall end, although actually not I gather.

As for the ‘lockdown’…the game was basically done when it happened, the gates were open and home time.

Comment by stephenfh

Presumably (and hopefully) nothing more than a stupid stunt by a kid outside the ground although having listened to the hysterical commentator on Radio Five Live Sports Extra it might well have been a nuclear strike from North Korea.

Comment by James

The response of individual staff was good but there was, in the circumstances, a rather long delay between the players leaving the field and spectators being told to take cover. The overall response from a spectator’s point of view was a bit so-so.

Hopefully staff at other grounds will take all messages and responses on any future occasion will be more timely.

Comment and snaps at http://www.bythesightscreen.com

Comment by stephenfh

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