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Who Would You Pick?
September 23, 2017, 7:50 am
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Hampshire’s confidence is clearly shot, although a few players are still obvious choices either through their performances (eg Abbott) or necessity (eg Alsop)

Hampshire have three victories this year; the first against a weakened Yorkshire side, more than five months ago (and despite a first innings total of 141) and then against the two bottom sides Somerset and Warwickshire. They have lost two and drawn five of their last seven.

The bowling appears fairly OK, so players like Wheal or Salisbury might be unlikely selections, although I hope Crane plays his seventh Championship match. But who should he replace, and who bats? Who is waiting in the wings to perform heroically next week? Organ? Dickinson? They have a career record of one Championship match each, scoring 16 and 1.

Is James right, that Hampshire should select Will Smith who has not played in the first team all year? Maybe Chris Wood should play predominantly as a batsman – he’s been scoring runs for the 2nd XI. The cupboard if worryingly bare in terms of alternatives.

Or perhaps they should leave everything alone, and challenge those players who have created the problem to solve it.

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Yesterday the first hour went to plan 3 wickets taken and Essex only 94 ahead. We thought we had it in the bag and not for the first time this season failed to press home the advantage. Wagner and Foster won the game with their stand. The Essex bowling was good as it was earlier in the season at Chelmsford when we lost there.
I wonder if the split in championship cricket has lost focus for the players or if there is a hangover from T20 Finals.
I doubt the club can afford to pay of Bailey and Rousouw contracts.
BTW discounting overseas players is Carbs the first to play for 4 counties?

Comment by Paul

Good question Paul. Way back the restrictions on movement and qualification made it difficult to stack up so many counties in a career. Ian Watson has what is probably a unique record of playing just three first-class matches for three different counties (Middx, Hants, Northants) and Bill Buck played in just two for two (Somerset & Hants) in the same season – and both against different tourists! I’ll have a think about four …

Comment by pompeypop

On a quick trawl, I reckon about 70 men who have played first-class cricket for Hampshire since the 2nd World War have played for another county – the most recent is Salisbury.

Of those, I think the list with three counties is: TE Jesty, I Watson, S Malone, PJ Hartley, E Giddins, MJ Brown, KP Pietersen, MJ Lumb, DG Cork, Bilal Shafayat, and A Carter. But at Hampshire at least, I think ‘Carbs’ is the only one with four. A few (eg: Mullally, J Stephenson, Wheater, Coles) had two counties ‘three’ times, because they went back.

Comment by pompeypop

Giddins actually played for four counties – Sussex, Warwickshire, Surrey and Hampshire.

Comment by James

Andy Carter. Notts, Derbyshire, Hampshire and Northants.

Comment by Ian

You guys are sharp! Well done – thanks

Comment by pompeypop

Thanks that is interesting!

Comment by Paul

They should swop Crane for Ervine…but then if they think a draw will do, maybe they play the extra batsman.
Can we ask Carbs back!?,,,,is he still official on loan 😉

Comment by Nick Jenkins (@nickjenkins01)

I don’t know what I would do but I don’t think Smith would be the answer either. Thanks to Tigger and his site it tells me that two seasons in Div 1 in 2015 and 2016 he averaged 34 and 29 respectively with just one century. Whilst not hugely different to anyone we have had in the top 6 this year I don’t see how he would rescue things. As for captaining he had his turn and that was far from successful.

Comment by Ian

Smith’s one really good season was in Div Two, a while back now, when he scored 1,000+ runs. If you recall, last year he did not score many runs until that big double century v Lancs. Prior to that his 18 Championship innings brought just two half centuries, and the final nine innings just one more over 50. Last year Ervine, Adams and McLaren outscored him and Wheater would have, had he not departed. I’m pretty much with you Ian in not really knowing the answer, although for sure I’m with Nick (who I hope did place that bet?) – I’d play Crane.

Comment by pompeypop

The woeful thing is Smith’s last year would have made him this years best batsman, in terms of 50s…

Individual 50s,100s, for this year and the previous 10:

17-7 41-13 43-5 40-13 37-12 25-10 28-13 33-13 40-14 37-8

This years best is “best” is Bailey, 2-2.

Really, really, awful.

And only 5 century partnerships, easily the worst for a decade.

Comment by Jeremy

Last time we only had 5 century partnerships was 2000 and we were relegated.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Well Smith has scored a stack of runs for the 2nd XI this season whilst all our other batsman have failed in the Championship so I find it absolutely astonishing that he has been given a chance. If they won’t play him when we can’t score runs what is the point of having him on the staff?

As for his captaincy abilities remember he has captained a Championship winning team and led our 2nd XI to the Southern Championship this season.

Comment by James

More good stats Jeremy, thanks. Covered pitches, flat major grounds and still that record. Too big a gap between ageing and inexperienced, too rarely bridged by the frustrating Vince and disappointing Dawson?

Comment by Dave Allen

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