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September 25, 2017, 3:12 pm
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Nothing today at Edgbaston, while just after tea, Somerset have lost four wickets for eight runs despite some poor catching by Middlesex. There’s been one run out, and the spinners have taken all the other seven wickets. In addition, the forecast out west for Wednesday is a bit horrid, and might stuff that day’s play. At Chelmsford, Yorkshire are taking wickets and bonus points.

Eight Needed. 4.30 pm – Somerset are all out with just one batting point which means they must win to stay up, and can only get to 147 points if they do win. Middlesex now have 146 points with today’s wickets, with the prospect of batting points to come. Hampshire are stuck on 140 points but let’s imagine that (even?) they can’t lose to Warwickshire in three days, so will get five points for a draw. They can’t play that way of course, but if that’s correct, Hampshire need to get three bonus points to survive.

Incidentally I was ranting on a couple of weeks ago that Hampshire should have declared at Uxbridge to deny Middlesex points. I suspect people were right in suggesting that Jimmy Adams is a nicer man than me and wouldn’t do that, but actually it’s in the playing regs – counties cannot declare merely to deny their opponents bowling points.

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We now need just 8 points. But that means we need some play!

Comment by Tigger Miles

Incidentally, Yorkshire are now safe with eight Essex wickets down. They are on 147 points and Somerset can only equal that by winning, in which case the tie-break of wins would be level at four each, but the next tie-break is fewest losses and Yorkshire are beyond reach. If Somerset win and Hampshire don’t, Somerset will have one extra victory, which is why Hampshire need one more point.

Comment by pompeypop

We can have toss uncontested and bowl. Our batsmen will not get the points. We should get some play in the next 3 days. It is in our hands (not that we deserve it)

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Good thought Ron. Meanwhile Middlesex are in chaos this evening (5-3) and if they lose without getting to 250, they too will end on 147. A low-scoring result at Taunton might be OK because, as you suggest, if we cannot manage a three bonus points draw v Warwicks over three days, we’ll get what we deserve.

Comment by pompeypop

If Middlesex dont get any batting pts…and lose (very possible atm!) then they only get to 146?…so we only need 2 bonus? ..7 in total.

Comment by Nick Jenkins (@nickjenkins01)

This idea that counties cannot declare merely to deny their opponents bowling points is an interesting one. Will Surrey be penalised for declaring at 201-8 today?

Clearly they won’t because denying Lancashire a point won’t affect the title or relegation and (without the services of a mind reader) it seems they have done this in order to save time and press on for a win but what if Middlesex were to do exactly the same thing tomorrow for the same reasons believing they wouldn’t get to 250 for the extra point?

Comment by James

Surrey’s declaration definitely should be looked at.

There is a £81,000 difference in prize money between 2nd and 3rd.

Denying Lancs the last bowling point means they now must either win, or score 400, in which case they’d be 2nd, with two more wins than Surrey (possibly subject to the Yorkshire result).

There is a school of thought that Baileys enforcing the follow on last week might have been motivated by similiar considerations (not that he’s money driven or anything, of cpourse, perish the thought!).

Comment by Jeremy

According to the commentators at the Somerset game, the rules state that counties can declare but the captain must approach the umpires and inform them of his intention and they in turn will consult the ECB for guidance.

If the captain can convince the umpires that he’s declaring at, say, 400 – 8 because he’s got maximum batting points and wants to push the game on then that’s likely to get a nod of approval.

I guess it all comes down to the ability of the skipper to convince everyone he’s not doing it to deny the opposition bonus points

Comment by Neil

That’s very interesting but I can’t believe it only applies in the last game of the season as points denied in earlier games have exactly the same value as points denied this week. So why don’t we have regular interminable delays following declarations in earlier rounds?

Heaven forbid it could be an ill thought out regulation from the ECB!

Comment by James

Good points guys – all fascinating. Surrey’s declaration looks a bit dodgy to me, and it’s always good fun to grumble about Surrey and Gareth Batty!

Comment by pompeypop


Comment by Ron Griffiths

Deduct points from Somerset and then deduct the same number of points from Middlesex for failing to produce a ground suitable for cricket at Uxbridge.

Then we can put our feet up!

Comment by James

Somerset to win in two days?

Comment by Alan Edwards

Don’t think they will deduct from Somerset. I believe they prepared a similar pitch against us and didn’t get a penalty. Although opening the bowling with a spinner was a bit obvious. Still think they will go down, with or without a deduction.

Comment by Tigger Miles

I suspect you’re right but as Nick says, if Somerset win in two days, because Middx get no batting points it’ll probably be Middx going down, unless we met a complete pigs ear of Edgbaston (how about first innings forfeits, and a run-chase we lose!)

Comment by pompeypop

I hope the coaches and players know what we need. So bowling first with an uncontested toss it has to be. Then bat as long as possible. That will be about 50 overs then!

Comment by Tigger Miles

A performance consistent with the last three Tripadvisor reviews of Beefy’s restaurant …
“The worst experience ever!”

Comment by Hedgehog

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