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Be careful what you wish for?
September 28, 2017, 7:06 am
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Here goes then – as much as anything I’d like 100 or more from Tom Alsop

Enjoy the day folks!

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Interesting things at Somerset. So very nearly champions last year, possibly staying up today, but after just three years, Matthew Maynard is on his way out …

Comment by Dave Allen

Couple of edifying shots of Mr Stokes online today. Maybe James Vince is going as vice captain? Meanwhile was the England result a disappointment at the Bowl with a dead rubber?

Comment by Dave Allen

Many thanks to Ian Pearce who’s sent me a photo of the Edgbaston pitch showing worn patches outside left handlers off stumps. Apologies that for certain ‘technical’ reasons I can’t post it, but very grateful. And you walked on the outfield Ian? There’s an innovation!

Comment by Dave Allen

Thanks Dave there is a link to the picture here if you don’t mind

Pretty sure Warwickshire are normally one of those grounds that have stewards guarding the pitch during breaks for no reason at all so was nice to have a stroll.

Comment by Ian

Many thanks Ian

Comment by Dave Allen

So Middlesex’s batsmen apparently surrendered this morning so it all boils down to whether we have any more character and ability (and if not whether our Chairman can persuade the ECB to deduct sufficient points from Somerset) .

Comment by James

No ton for Alsop. šŸ˜„

Comment by Paul

The declaration worked well for Surrey and Batty. šŸ˜‚

Comment by Paul

Oh well Vincey or bust !

Comment by clive philipps

Our captain lbw for none second ball reverse sweeping.

Well, might as well practice a few unorthodox shots as there not much on this innings is there?

Comment by James

Announced no points deduction at Taunton!

Comment by John white

My guess is there will be few tears outside Hampshire if we go down.

Comment by Paul

I think you are right Paul and we have one man to thank for that.

Comment by James

Vince gone. 124-6
Stokes and Hales suspended by England UFN.

Comment by Paul

Ah well, no championship game at Arundel next year!

Comment by John West

No Arundel or Hove, no Canterbury and no Lord’s either. There again, no Northampton, no Leicester, no Derby (etc)

Comment by Dave Allen

And looking on the bright side, no Merchant Taylors or Uxbridge!

Comment by John West

Kevan James said quite rightly, enjoy the moment and I’ll add enjoy another GREAT day for Championship cricket – he added that there will be an inquest to come and it will be long and hard (I hope) but for today at least it’s simple, well done Hampshire.

Comment by Dave Allen

It reminds me of Pompey during the 1990’s. Every year a flirtation with relegation, every year the management saying “It must never happen again”. Rinse and repeat……. .

I’m kind of sad we didn’t get relegated. Talking to Mike Vimpany this afternoon, I suggested we should lobby the ECB for the outgrounds tour next year – Arundel, Tunbridge Wells/Beckenham, Cheltenham, Colwyn Bay, Chesterfield.

Sadly, what’s the best we can hope for? Guildford?

Comment by Neil M

How about Worksop?

Comment by Dave Allen

But will there be an inquest to come? I have my doubts.

Having said that Kevan is right and well done to Messrs Vince, Dawson, Holland & Berg who showed the grit and determination that had been missing from our batting all season.

Comment by James

Well…… finally a bit of fight and pride. We managed to stay up by the skin of our teeth. But for what? To go through this for a 4th consecutive season .

Comment by John F.

Kinda sums the season up when extras is easily the highest scorer.

Comment by Paul

However some true grit shown at last.

Comment by Paul

Phewwww…..what a day!!
Who says cricket is boring.

Comment by Nick Jenkins (@nickjenkins01)

Some grit in time saves the day and some luck with the weather quite a part in the rest of it this month.

Comment by stephenfh

So exciting today! I listened and played every ball VB on the radio. Kevan J was right tonight is a visit to the Rose and Crown! BUT before we forget, our bowlers Fidel, and Kyle also deserve a big thanks. Without them….

Comment by Chas C

Hampshire’s 10.57 points per match is better than we’ve achieved for a while in Div 1, and equal points to 4th-placed Yorkshire. So we weren’t completely off the pace of the Division except with respect to Essex.
However, early season concerns about Colin Graves’ 8-team / 14-match scheme being a bit of a lottery seem to be justified with 4 teams finishing within 2 points of that relegation place.

Middlesex’s 2 point deduction proved decisive in their relegation- I hope future Hampshire captains keep that firmly in mind.

Comment by Hedgehog

I wonder how ‘even-handed’ these deductions are. Northants lost five without which they’d have finished level with Notts and been promoted by virtue of more wins. The Middx crossbow penalty seems particularly harsh given that lots of teams make up slow over rates in the final hour(s). Without that, Somerset were down.

Comment by Dave Allen

Iā€™m guessing no one expected Middlesex to be relegated when they cut down the numbers in Div 1

Comment by Paul

Of course the idea of the ECB managing to get all the big Test ground sides in Div One was always fanciful with two (25 per cent) relegated each year – and anyway Middx don’t own their Test ground, but Worcs up, Warwicks down and Somerset staying was perhaps not part of the master plan.

Comment by Dave Allen

According to the Evening Standard, the ECB were due to carry out a further inspection on the “doctored” Taunton pitch today.

Regarding the crossbow penalty – it seems the incident late on the final day and Middlesex had not yet declared their 2nd innings. So although hard done by with the abandonment, I wonder if they realistically had enough time to bring their over rate back into line.

Comment by Hedgehog

…… I was there that afternoon (the players came off at about 4.20) and wondered about it as well…but I think the answer is yes they did and would have done in normal circumstances.

As for the penalty if it had been a county fully aligned with all things 2020……

Comment by stephenfh

Well the last two days at Edgbaston demonstrated real grit and cricketing skills – but were almost unendurable as a spectator. I dread to think what it was like in the dressing room.
I headed for the station absolutely wrung out!
Well done, lads

Comment by Ageas

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