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October 28, 2017, 1:47 pm
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Jason Gillespie has started a weekly Ashes column in the Guardian. He says that despite the loss of Stokes, the squad “looks OK to me” but then singles out James Vince as a decision that “raised eyebrows”. He points out that England have given debuts and extended runs to nine batsmen in the past three years “and Vince is the only one not to have made a half-century. Seven caps, a highest score of 42 and an average in the 30s since returning to Hampshire, what exactly have the selectors seen in him?”

In the Cricket Paper, Derek Pringle fancies England’s chances in Adelaide’s day/night Test, but has a second piece which reveals that as details of the new 2020 T20 emerge, some counties have questioned the proposals, which he says “comes as little surprise”. He adds that the new competition seems “from some angles” as if it is “little more than a debt reduction scheme for the Test Match counties”. He concludes that “much needs sorting before this has the goodwill of all counties”.

In the same ‘paper, there is also a report on the recent departures from Sussex, with Rob Andrew saying that a “major part” of their future strategy “will be the on-going development of home-grown Sussex players”.

Good for them!

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There’s more on the T20 here – http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/21123993/counties-concern-moving-goalposts-new-t20.

Mind you, moving goalposts might catch on. A set of rugby goalposts are driven around the boundary edge during the batting power play. Any sixes that go through the uprights count as 12.

I think it’s got legs.

Comment by Neil M

Many thanks Neil. I wish I could say I’m surprised! It’s a troubling report – among the things that stand out is this, about the sheer divisiveness of the whole project:

“While some of the hosting clubs feel the financial rewards are inadequate, some of the smaller venues are concerned they are too generous and will put their own clubs at a significant long term disadvantage”.

Comment by pompeypop

It is incidentally interesting to read about the “hosting clubs”. Presumably they do therefore know who they will be. Could that be possible? (!)

Comment by pompeypop

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