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A Stat or Two
January 8, 2018, 1:08 pm
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I doubt whether Vince has done enough to play more Test cricket (but who else is there?) – however he and Stoneman both passed fifty twice, which is more than either Cook or Bairstow managed.

Moeen Ali’s bowling average (115) was the highest ever by an England bowler in a series when that bowler has taken five or more wickets. His batting average was 19.88.

The Marsh brothers scored more hundreds in the series than England.

Only four bowlers took wickets for Australia, which I believe is a first in a five-match Test series

Lyon’s bowling average to left-handers is under twenty, but to right-handers it’s over 80

If you were picking an XI from that series to play (for example) India or South Africa, either of the England openers could replace Handscomb/Bancroft, who were so not very good, that I’ve only just realised they were two different players. Otherwise, Jimmy Anderson was pretty terrific but would he replace one of the three Aussie pacemen, or would it be all Aussies?


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Bairstow for Paine, maybe? Otherwise, no.

Comment by Dave Pople

I suspect Vince will continue in the Test side for the forthcoming two match series in New Zealand in March for two reasons. Firstly, as you say, who else is there and secondly because he does look the part during his brief appearances at the crease.

If he does however history shows he will not be able to improve his shot selection and he will continue to give his wicket away regularly.

Interestingly he currently averages only 38.17 in first-class cricket whereas this time three years ago he averaged 41.54. If you discount his Test stats his current average is 39.78 which I’m afraid highlights the lack of improvement.

Comment by James

Three years ago of course, Vince’s first-class average was mainly from Div Two. Now he’s had three years in Div One, even without the Test Matches. Does that suggest his level? Robin Smith’s career average, which includes of course the leaner final years, was nonetheless 42.09, while his Test average was better than that (43. 67).

They compare in some senses because both played on covered wickets and in (some for Smith) 4-day cricket, although Smith faced some rather more ‘interesting’ overseas bowlers and played on more outgrounds.

Comment by pompeypop

Incidentally, I see that Vince (with Dawson) is in England’s T20 squad. That seems right to me, as he has generally been outstanding in that form.

Comment by pompeypop

Analysing his Championship performances a little further (using Tigger’s excellent site) Vince’s career can be split into three segments – three seasons in Div One (09,10 &11), three in Div Two (12,13 &14) and three back in Div One (15,16 &17) in which he averaged 28.81 (from 63 inns), 50.72 (from 68 inns) and 31.22 (from 61 inns) respectively. In his six seasons in Div One his average is a disappointing 30.02 with his best seasons average being 34.56 in his second season which I would suggest indicates a very good Div Two player but a poor Div One player.

If he didn’t have a nice cover drive would he be anywhere close to an England side?

Comment by James

For me it still remains a mystery why the glaringly obvious fault in Vince’s game cannot be ironed out. Michael Vaughan on TMS in a discussion on this very point seemed to suggest that it all came down to his application/attitude i.e. ‘you can take a horse to water ,,,,,,,,’

Comment by Peter Jeffs

Excellent detailed stats from James (and thanks to Tigger). VERY revealing!!

Comment by pompeypop

Those are spectacularly good stats! Well done!

I think Loughborough has a budget approaching £10m? They certainly have some full time statto’s… I wonder if they knew those figs though? (PMF)

I wasn’t very surprised when Vince was picked, because there isn’t anyone else, equally how he’s performed was entirely predictable. I had forgotten one of the cute arguments from the insiders who know so much more than us about the nuances of the game was that Aussie pitches would suit him. Well, that didn’t work too well, did it?

Comment by Jeremy

… those stats also appear to speak well to the argument that Two Div cricket is doing exactly what it was supposed to do, but the ECB are so busy trying to destroy it that they can’t see how good it is in it’s own right.

Comment by Jeremy

There are times when this Blog so far exceeds what I ever expected of it when it started, and this discussion is precisely an example of that. I wonder whether this information is known anywhere else? I doubt it! Many thanks James, Tigger and Jeremy.

Comment by pompeypop

Whoops! Many apologies I have spotted a slight mistake in my stats above. (I blame the man ‘flu which I am currently suffering). In his first three seasons in Div One Vince averaged 30.51 and not 28.81 as I initially suggested. This means his overall Div One average is 30.86 and not 30.02.

Slightly better but I think the original points still very much stand.

Comment by James

No worries James, thanks for checking – and as you say, the point stands; the key is surely Div One in the past three years when he was picked by England – and has almost delivered for them what he’s done with Hampshire. Why expect more? Get well soon (and Dr Dave prescribes a daily intake of Zinc and Garlic to ward off the ‘flu – and the vampires)

Comment by pompeypop

Cheers Dave!

Comment by James

I seem to recall that some of Vince’s best innings have been against the traditionally strong Yorkshire attack. I wonder if the selectors have been influenced by that. It would be interesting to compare his average in Div.1 matches against various counties.

Comment by Ian White

Your memory is correct Ian. Vince has scored 520 Championship runs against Yorkshire in 13 completed innings giving him an average of 40.00. This includes scores of 180 and 147 (both in Div One) but no other fifties and seven scores of less than 20.

Comment by James

This gets better and better! Thanks Ian (& James)

Comment by Dave Allen

As a post script to this in his three seasons playing Division One cricket with us Gareth Berg (batting at 8 and 9) has scored 1,528 runs at an average of 31.83 – in addition to taking 98 wickets at 29.20.

But his cover drive is nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing!

Comment by James

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