Hampshire Cricket History

Here’s the scorecard
January 25, 2018, 4:54 pm
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(Thanks to Stephen). It’s completed but obviously not in batting order (e.g. Charlie Knott). The current side took all their wickets with spin. but ‘Lofty’ did the early damage for the former team (incidentally Jim Bailey did come back for one game the next season):

Heath Testimonial card

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Hello Dave,

Many thanks for the scorecard……. I scored 10/11 re the past players, not remembering J.P.Parker, but identifying him as Len Creese….because of the ears.

Phoned you at 5.pm but you were elsewhere. Phoned Stephen Saunders who had sent me (and you) another photo…. a benefit match in 1954.The tall chap next to me is my friend, H.R.P Thompson., studying accountancy. We met at the Rose Bowl in 2003 or 2004; he

had an accountancy practice in Rugby and had been Treasurer to BAC. (of which I was a member 1983/87) and later became BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

All fascinating peeps into the past….thank you.

Very best wishes to you and Lou….Alan

do phone me sometime.


Comment by Alan Rayment

Hi Dave

Don’t have contact details for you but I’m sure you’ll be posting about today’s TCP (26/1). There’s an article today quoting Rod Bransgrove. I suspect it might attract a few comments.

“There’s going to be a sea change…..Those people that are still clinging to tradition just for the sake of it will gradually disappear from the equation and the modernists will start to make their presence felt as we move forward.”

“..we probably still play a bit too much four-day cricket. We need to play more higher quality and meaningful cricket to make the game bigger again as opposed to just filling loads of blank days on the calendar.”

Comment by Anonymous

So anyone who loves and appreciates four-day cricket is simply “clinging to tradition for the sake of it” are they?

Presumably by that token anyone who wants to diminish it in order to play more and more T20 cricket is simply an asset stripper only interested in lining his pockets then.

Comment by James

Ah memories of Dean Park
Probably our last as the Bournemouth council has
Voted 5 to 4 to allow the new owners, ( a local junior schòol) to install two artificial hockey pitches.
Ah well, at least they cannot take our memories away!.

Comment by John white

Bet they are working on that in some lab somewhere!

Comment by Paul

Sorry to hear that John.

Sunday afternoons and the mellow tones on the PA asking for collection helpers to come to the cowshed. Happy days.

Comment by stephenfh

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