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Trad or Modern?
January 28, 2018, 3:35 pm
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It reminds me of the late 50s/early 60s, but then it was the jazz fans – “Dirty Boppers or Mouldy Figs”. Now, as we see from the Comments below, Rod Bransgrove has told this week’s Cricket Paper that

“There’s going to be a sea change…..Those people that are still clinging to tradition just for the sake of it will gradually disappear from the equation, and the modernists will start to make their presence felt as we move forward.”

That’s it then. I’m intrigued that Rod and his ‘modernists’ haven’t yet made their presence felt (watch out!) but in terms of traditions, as James asks, what exactly does “just for the sake of it” actually mean – is it a bit like insisting that Shakespeare, Mozart or Rembrandt are no longer relevant in the days of Eastenders, Britney and Banksy – that it must be one thing or another?

But why? I value the great traditions of cricket and I don’t like seeing them dismantled, but while I don’t enjoy T20, any more than I care about Britney, Adele or Ed Sheeran, I’ve no problem that they exist, or that people do like them, and never have. In cricket, what rankles is simply what the promotion of T20 is doing to the finer forms – which once again Rod claims to care about  (“the game that many of us still treasure”) – but beyond the fine words, where is the evidence?

He says:

“..we probably still play a bit too much four-day cricket. We need to play more higher quality and meaningful cricket to make the game bigger again, as opposed to just filling loads of blank days on the calendar.”

Meanwhile, a few pages later, his Cricket ‘boss’ Giles White says that “county cricket is strong …”, that youngsters are getting their chances because “if you’re good enough, you’re old enough”, and that English cricket “is in a far better place than when I was playing”. They can’t both be right.


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By ” higher quality and meaningful cricket” he means more money! T20 is NOT higher quality. Batsmen can swing at virtually every ball and if they get out nobody cares!
Bowlers have to learn not to bowl line and length as those
balls get hit for 6.
Quality batting is concentrating for 90 odd overs, playing yourself in 3 times over the day and scoring a century. Quality bowling is finding a way to get wickets by finding the batsmen’s weaknesses, not just keeping the run-rate below 10.
I watch 4 day cricket because I enjoy it. I’m not clinging to tradition just for the sake of it.
I fear that whatever the traditionalists think the end of proper cricket is nearer than we thought. The people that make the decisions are making them for the wrong reasons. If T20 is the future then my love with cricket will soon be over.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Absolutely right Tigger. Rod’s depiction of a cricket world in which the traditionalists fight the modernists, reminded me of nothing more than the British popular music scene of the late 1950s, when exactly that occurred among the jazz fans, who were apparently incapable of living together peacefully.

Ironically it all came to a head in Hampshire, in a ‘riot’ at the Beaulieu Festival, filmed by the BBC. And the outcome? While nobody was looking, the younger, guitar-led beat groups, sneaked in, kicked both jazz camps into touch and never looked back. The lesson? Find a way to live together in harmony, or risk the future of the game we love, in all its forms. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be the Hampshire way.

Comment by pompeypop

One of the reasons why I have terminated my membership of 40+ years.
This was done without a, sorry to hear this, thanks for your support, etc., from the automated robots at the Rose Bowl.

Comment by John Cottrell

It’s a shame Hampshire have become associated with these half baked opinions.

With the benefit of hindsight, whilst it was fair enough that control of financial decisions passed from those that screwed up to him, in return for his money, the travesty of allowing him to buy a vote at the ECB, not to mention a platform for him to parade whatever “ideas” he has, is just a travesty.

Sadly, there are others at other counties who also believe their financial success endows them with transferable skills that make them visionaries in an unrelated field. Cricket is now run by a bunch of [pyo word] that just aren’t rich enough to buy themselves football clubs.

Tigger is exactly right; no-one is clinging to “tradition” (values) “just for the sake of it”.

Comment by Jeremy

I’m afraid that every time our chairman opens his mouth I expect complete rubbish to be uttered and I am seldom disappointed.

He puts me in mind of the President of the USA Donald Twitter and it seems to prove that just because you have money it doesn’t mean you have any sense or integrity.

If only we could get rid of both of them.

Comment by James

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