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Grounds for misery
February 14, 2018, 6:17 pm
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Not the new T20 which is coming south, but the ‘Ashes’. The rumours about Ageas Bowl getting one seem unfounded. BBC:

“The 2023 Ashes Tests have been awarded to the same five grounds as the 2019 edition, the England and Wales Cricket Board has confirmed. Edgbaston, Headingley, the Oval, Lord’s and Old Trafford will all host England v Australia matches in both series. The ECB also announced the cities that will host the new eight-team Twenty20 tournament in 2020. Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds, London, Manchester, Cardiff and Nottingham have been selected for the competition. Both Lord’s and the Oval will host newly created teams in the competition with the Ageas Bowl, Edgbaston, Headingley, Old Trafford, the Swalec Stadium and Trent Bridge the other grounds chosen”.

(Durham & part-time Gloucs and Somerset miss out)


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Seems like the Lord’s final is now to be at Trent Bridge.

Comment by Jeremy

It’s always seemed to me to make great good sense to have the major finals played centrally – and good that the finals won’t be played in front of a half empty pavilion, but I’ll always recall with the greatest fondness my trips to all Hampshire’s Lord’s Finals (OK all but one!). I guess the implication is that the Ageas Bowl won’t get another T20 Final, but again I recall Durham playing an early semi final there and losing. Tough on their team perhaps, but terrible for the supporters.

Comment by pompeypop

For the period 2020 – 2024; the Ageas Bowl will have a total of 5 days international cricket I think.

No tests No ODI T20i only

New system for fairer allocation? Doesn’t look like it. Some grounds will get more than our allocation in one season.

On 14 Feb 2018 18:17, “Hampshire Cricket History” wrote:

> pompeypop posted: “Not the new T20 which is coming south, but the ‘Ashes’. > The rumours about Ageas Bowl getting one seem unfounded. BBC: “The 2023 > Ashes Tests have been awarded to the same five grounds as the 2019 edition, > the England and Wales Cricket Board has confirmed. ” >

Comment by Simon Young

It’s 7 days in total, Simon, with one ODI, 2 years with 1 T20 and 2 years with 2 T20s. Don’t think you can sell the premium hospitality, which brings in the money, for T20s, not long enough. Bristol and Durham have better deals than us, with ODIs each year.

Comment by Ageas

Seems we are not popular, (wonder why),
If we had been given an Ashes test Leeds would probably have
Been left out.
From my experience of T20 days hospitality is usually pretty full.
I agree that It is good to have finals at Trent Bridge, better for supporters.
Perhaps they will reduce my MCC membership.

Comment by John white

This is very interesting. Under the old ECB regime, Hampshire were not loved, but under the leadership of Colin Graves they’ve done everything to endear themselves to those in charge – but you guys are suggesting they haven’t got much as a consequence?

Comment by pompeypop

I have always felt that, for The Ashes, as long as London (Lord’s and The Oval) get a test the Hampshire will miss out.
It seems from the distribution of matches for 2020 – 2024 we get even less internationals, with no ODIs this time.

Comment by Bob Murrell

Is it still a case of bidding to host the matches and being responsible for the costs of staging the matches?

If so then it may be that not getting an Ashes test could be a blessing in disguise. A lot of Durham’s issues were because they paid heavily to stage an Ashes test and alongside had to also accept a number of unfashionable international fixtures which turned into loss making ventures.

I imagine that T20 internationals are possibly the most profitable to stage as the ticket prices are still nearly as much as an ODI or some of the cheaper test match tickets vs India. The hospitality still sells well and you don’t need to pay catering staff, stewards etc for a long day or multiple days.

Therefore have we lost out because we are not loved or because it wouldn’t make the ECB enough money?

Comment by Ian Pearce

No bidding any more, all allocated by the entirely unbiased, neutral, disinterested committee.

Legside Lizzy has this in her Times piece, which is just a happy spin off from it all:

“It will allow them (Yorkshire) to secure funding to pay off their £20 million debt to the Graves Family Trust — which helped to safeguard the future of the county more than a decade ago — as well as helping to pay off some of the cost of the stadium redevelopment.”

Comment by Jeremy

Thanks Jeremy. Do the hosts still incur all the costs?

Comment by Ian Pearce

Don’t know Ian. I expect there’s a formula whereby the ECB take whatever they chose of whatever they expect the surplus to be…

To Dave’s broader point, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the getting of a franchise is seen as far far more important by those who imagine that to be a desirable future.

For “us”, it just means (even) less cricket in July and August. Indeed, the “tipping point” is already some way behind us!

Comment by Jeremy

Legside Lizzy has highlighted the reason why this whole business stinks …. all the way back to Headingley.

Comment by James

Since the days when the Rose Bowl was just a twinkle in the eyes of a small number the Oval has had the advantages of a century start in holding Tests, so not a surprise, nor do the allocations seem unreasonable taken on the round.

T20 internationals to help pay for the new T20 comp, if by some chance, it is a struggle.

Comment by stephenfh

Jeremy says “For us, it just means (even) less cricket in July and August”. Is this certain? Under one scenario for a revamped County Championship that has been discussed recently there would be about the same number of fixtures. If the CC were allowed to continue during the T20 window grounds like Basingstoke or Newclose could be used. Most county players will not be needed by the franchises so could be available for CC matches. As the ECB do not market the CC they should not object to it continuing in the shadows while the new T20 is on.

Comment by Ian White

I’m not sure if anyone else has seen it but this month’s Cricketer has an article on the proposed conference system for the championship.

In 2020 it seems that it’s more than just 10 games per season (if I’ve read the diagram right). It appears that the position in the original conference is used to decide who goes where for an additional 5 games – the top two in each conference form a new six team Division A, the 3rd and fourth teams become Division B, and the cellar dwellers form Division C.
The results from each match go towards one single county championship table – no semis, play offs or finals.

I did take a picture of the diagram explaining it all but can’t post it.

Comment by Neil

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