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April 13, 2018, 3:02 pm
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Northeast, watched by Amla, drives from the southern (pavilion) end in the direction of the north-east of the ground for four

Northeast & Amla v Worcs 2018.jpg

Is it merely a coincidence that Leach is in front of the Beefy’s sign?

Meanwhile Rilee says goodbye, ‘without troubling the scorers’:

Rossouw v Worcs 0


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Some things never change!

Comment by Paul

Managed to get there unexpectedly during lunch interval so enjoyed two interesting sessions.

Berg yet again showed what a wonderful cricketer he is with a fantastic unbeaten 75 and full credit to Fidel for his part in a last wicket partnership of 48 despite only scoring one run. One more than our Kolpak batsman managed after playing properly (or in other words not trying to smash the ball out of sight) for nine balls he was comprehensively bowled the first time he tried to hit the ball. As Paul says ……

Spent some time looking for the “two new full HD 1080p resolution replay screens, totalling 120 sq. metres, installed in the coming weeks, giving members an excellent viewing experience from any seat within the stadium as well as providing a new and improved integrated scoreboard system, available for all fixtures at the Ageas Bowl” as reported on 28th January but I’m afraid I failed to see them so my viewing experience remained exactly the same as last year. As Paul says …..

And it was cold but not unbearably so. I’d look forward to the summer but of course we don’t play any proper cricket then. As Paul says ……

Comment by James

Screens? … announced on the 18th January. Availability? … quote “The project is planned for completion by the end of April 2018”

Comment by John West

But the same article starts with
“Giant Samsung LED screens and leading-edge Wi-Fi technology are to be installed at The Ageas Bowl, creating the first Samsung fully connected stadium in the UK, ahead of the commencement of the new season.”


A little confusing eh?

Comment by James

….on that very subject Fred Boycott’s twitter account has been commenting this week, April 9th… there is a photo of Geoffrey at Northlands Road; some bloggers may recognise some familiar faces spectating.

It looks like some proper early season weather, although actually August! (1978).

Comment by stephenfh

I, too, wondered about the screens. Apologies if what follows seems old-fashioned and fuddy duddy, but when I noticed that they weren’t visible, my first reaction was NOT to write a sarcastic whinge on social media but
1. To go and look, when I saw foundations and cable ducts in place on either side of the ground, and then
2. To ask, in the membership office, when I was told they hoped they’d be ready by the start of the one dayers
It really wasn’t that difficult

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

My sincere apologies Mr McBlogface. If only I had your common sense. I really will try to do better in future.

But I fear I will fail!

Comment by James

I’m sure you will, James

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

It seems to me that over the years this blog (with one noticeable exception which nearly ended it) has got along pretty well due to contributors accepting each other’s views, writing styles and idiosyncrasies and focusing their posts on offering opinions on the subject matter being discussed rather than criticising other posters and offering opinions on how they should and shouldn’t behave. It is what elevates it in my opinion from the likes of Twitter and long may that be the case.

If anyone steps out of line and needs a gentle reprimand I’m sure Dave will be quite capable of dealing with it so why don’t we leave him to police it? After all it is his blog and we are his guests.

I wish you a good day.

Comment by James

What about the Car Park? When is that going to be sorted as its a complete mess right now and if it’s not sorted by 20/20 time then it’s going to be a nightmare trying to get in especially when it’s already paid for if you’ve got a pass!

Comment by John L

Have you tried asking in the Membership Office?

(Sorry Mr McBlogface!)

Comment by James

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