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April 14, 2018, 2:15 pm
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Not ‘Jamo’ or me or Ken; it’s a Podcast sent from Ian Pearce and Phil Webb. I’m pretty new to Podcasts but I’m happy to give this one a plug and good luck with it guys:


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While on the topic of multimedia …

The ECB site has a short highlight video of yesterday’s play.


And, to give some rare credit to the Hampshire site, there are clips of the boundaries and wickets, updated quite regularly it seems.


I assume these will continue through the season. (I look forward to a daily video of the action inside Beefy’s also).

Comment by Hedgehog

And although I gave credit to the Hants website above, they are still behind the curve as the sites for Middlesex, Lancs and Warwicks all have live video streams of their current matches.

Comment by Hedgehog

They seem to have had a few problems today distinguishing between Abbott and Amla but I guess all these South Africans look alike.

Comment by James

Before this match:

Liam Dawson has a career batting average for Hampshire of 31.92

Rilee Roussow has a career batting average for Hampshire of 20.93

So which one should bat at six, and which at seven – particularly if the County Championship is supposed to develop England cricketers?

Comment by pompeypop

I find it difficult to see how you can have a non-bowling or keeping batsman at six let alone seven unless it is a youngster who you are easing into the side.

Having said that I thought Rossouw did ok today in that the situation probably called for a number six going for his shots.

Comment by James

I get troubled about Dawson. Sometimes he’s an opening bat, bowling behind Briggs, sometimes he’s a bowler who bats low in the order. A couple of years back he had one of the highest average of catches per match in Hampshire’s history, but now apparently he doesn’t want to field close. Why is he not good enough to open now (is McManus)? Why don’t they tell him to field slip (especially with Ervine gone)? Every year he seems to be a different cricketer and I don’t think it’s in his best interests.

Comment by pompeypop

I couldn’t agree more. I really think a decision needs to be made as to his role in the team so he can concentrate on that. At the moment in the Championship at least it seems it is the fact that he can bowl which keeps him in the side as a batsman and the fact that he can bat which keeps him in the side as a bowler whereas he is struggling to do either.

Comment by James

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