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Clearing Up (?)
April 15, 2018, 3:10 pm
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It’s 4pm and in the Championship, the first rain interruption of the season. The umpires are due to look in 10 minutes, but it’s a bit gloomy, and as I type, the groundstaff have just replaced the cover at the pavilion end, and they’re now replacing all the covers, which is not good news.

In fact it’s raining again.

PS: They didn’t look then – but 4.25 they are out there.

PPS: They began at 5.45 with another quick wicket for Abbott, but after a very good morning for Hampshire, the main photos this afternoon:


Worcs RSP




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Lovely evenin now. Strange day – a wet middle bookended by good cricket weather

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

Lovely to see you today…….as promised here is the link regarding listening again to County Commentaries……not sure how quickly each day is added but I have found that Mason Crane appears on yesterday’s from 4hours & 46 minutes. Will catch up with it after today’s play finishes 😊


Comment by joster69

With play finishing very late every day and below par over rates I fear we may not get 21 points if we win. Surely it must be possible to bowl 16 overs an hour even without using spinners? Was this not achieved in the past? Captains need to be stricter on this, particularly as last season Middlesex and Northants’ divisional status was determined by over-rate penalties.

Comment by Ian White

Fortunately I think we ended on -1. But I agree – even on a glorious sunny day like yesterday, in April it’s chilly approaching 7pm and that does detract from the enjoyment a bit (although it’s so good to be at the Bowl again I can’t be too upset!)

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

I was hopeful that we were addressing the slow over rate problem yesterday when I noticed Jimmy leaving the field for an over to get kitted out for short-leg duties rather than having the game held up while it happened on- field. The same thing happened when Fidel changed his boots. However there didn’t appear a great deal of urgency other than that.

I guess we will have to hope the umpires find reasons to give allowances for any slow over rate at the end of the game and possibly we can take comfort in the fact that so often the scoreboard shows a negative over rate figure but no points deduction occurs.

Comment by James

Ian asked whether “in the past” teams managed 16 overs per hour. My favourite example is day one of our game v West Indies in 1950. They scored over 500, and we averaged 23.6 overs per hour. We used lots of spinners.

In 1959, the first game I saw was v Surrey at Pompey. Both sides had three pace bowlers (Shackleton, Cannings, White, Loader, Bedser, Gibson) who bowled plenty of overs. Throughout the three days, they averaged 18 overs per hour.

Comment by pompeypop

Enjoyed being reminded of Ross Edwards’s 99, as I was there, my first Ashes test at Lords.

Sat in the Mound Stand, Aus lost 6 wickets in the morning session (Snow and Peter Leaver), were 81-7 soon after (following our 315).

Then Edwards and the tail wagged, Lillee made 73, he and Mallett put on 69 for the 10th wkt, finished at 268. Plus ca change!

Interesting that there are only three Div One games, Surrey and Somerset missing out on the lovely weather.

At a guess the only reason is that if ECB didn’t schedule three rounds of three games, there might have been no Champo cricket at all in July, anywhere.

Could have quite a big impact on the table, come September!

(Great link, Joster69!)

Comment by Jeremy

Took a bit of tracking down as it looks like the original site I followed has disappeared but so 0,eased to find it again.

I’ve listened back to Mason’s section now & he was brilliant.

Comment by joster69

Do you have a URL Jo?

Comment by Dave Allen

This is all I can muster…….does it qualify as a URL??


Comment by joster69

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