Hampshire Cricket History

Saturday Morning
April 28, 2018, 10:45 am
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It’s not very nice, the lights are on and there are not many here, but they are playing. Weatherley got to 29, edged to slip and was dropped; so he tried again and was caught. James Vince is in, and next door, as I type, up in the ACD I-M stand, is being watched by Ed Smith, ‘Gus’ Fraser etc.

(Saturday Afternoon)


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Here is one for Dave. I’ve been watching the feed from Taunton and Matt Renshaw has scored a hundred before lunch on a bowler friendly wicket but he got off the mark with a 6, got to his 50 with a 6 and got to his 100 with a 6. Has this happened before!

Don’t get too frozen at the Ageas Bowl!

Comment by John L

I seem to recall be the bowler on a few of those occasions – although thankfully not all on the same day!

Comment by James

No idea! But there was the famous game v Sussex in 1975, when Gordon Greenidge went to 50, 100, 150, 200 & 250 with a six – and I saw them all (we passed 500 in the day). I’m not sure about his first scoring shot though. On the other hand I do know that Neville Rogers hit a six first ball v West Indies in 1950. Meanwhile I am cold! And we’re off for ‘bad’ light which in the commentary box is pretty hard to understand.

Comment by Dave Allen

Covers on now. All a bit dismal.

Comment by Dave Allen

Don Topley has just observed that if this was a ‘white ball’ game, we’d be playing. Even Jo’s vacated her seat.

Comment by Dave Allen

I had a dinner date so was always leaving early…….just so happened it was a good decision……well by me at least……not too sure the umpires got it right…….it definitely appeared to be brighter when they went off!

Comment by joster69

The play we saw today was pretty good but (5.35) the past three hours have been daft. Only first-class cricketers wouldn’t play in most of that light, so having seen nothing since before Saints & Bournemouth kicked off, I’m off home. Not, in the end, a day to persuade anyone that county cricket’s the thing to watch …

Comment by pompeypop

Incidentally, time to remind you we’re now in BST so the time shown is always one hour early – the comment above was 5.35 – they’ve been off for three hours. (I can’t remember how to change the times).

Comment by pompeypop

Here is the reason for the bad light call. The batsman said the lights were creating shadows where the ball pitched and it was difficult to pick out the ball. May be that is why they batted well! They had to concentrate. Lessons to be learned for our top 5!!

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Thanks Ron. They did bat well too against a pretty decent attack. Sadly a day like this won’t have people queueing to get in!

Comment by pompeypop

Isn’t this what the ECB want. Push the championship to April and September and then say “nobody watches 4 day cricket”. I love the 4 day game but so far out of 10 days expected, i’ve watched just 4.

Comment by Tigger Miles

Indeed. You can almost see then ECB propaganda (sorry marketing) department compiling their latest missive explaining that Horrendous Hundred is the way ahead because no one watched County Championship this weekend.

Comment by James

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