Hampshire Cricket History

There it is …
May 23, 2018, 7:03 pm
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Here’s the new screen telling the tale

Screen Essex

And here he is completing the first run that gets him there (he scored three here). With him, Jimmy Adams, who got to 50.

Rilee R 100th run Essex


And Another
May 23, 2018, 3:20 pm
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Rilee (and JV) reach fifty. Here’s the shot that did it for RR.

Rossouw 50 v Essex 18

And here’s the Hundred (more to follow later but internet access is proving a problem)




Essex 50 overs
May 23, 2018, 8:55 am
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Nice sunny day here, bit of a chill wind, forecast good. Scorecard shows the same team, plus Wheater (but not Coles) for Essex. And no music says John!

Scorecard wrong (and incidentally, out of focus!). No Topley, no Edwards, Wood and Wheal playing

Wheater & Chopra

Adam Wheater opens with Chopra.

2nd XI
May 22, 2018, 1:05 pm
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Championship v Essex today. Essex 125-4 – four different wicket-takers. Ian Holland is bowling: keep up-to-date with:


The Screens
May 22, 2018, 12:18 pm
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I mentioned this morning that I would let Hampshire have our thoughts (including my fellow broadcasters) about the screen. Almost by return I’ve had a very informative response from David Mann – for which I’ve said thanks.

I’m not planning to make this a regular feature of the Blog but it was sent entirely with the aim of helping them. Here’s what he said – and thank you for your comments:

“Thanks for the feedback Dave, last night was always going to highlight areas we can improve and this was somewhat exacerbated by the debut also being a Sky game. Some things we can fix easily, some need further input from the software developers.

Please keep these (thoughts) coming though, because it is all very helpful and should enable us to cover off any deficiencies – technology permitting!  These will be addressed although not necessarily in time for next couple of games. Otherwise:

(‘Us’: font size too small on east side)

(DM): We have asked the developers to increase the font size on the east side screen.

(‘Us’: on the west side screen, when a wicket fell the details of the wicket and the batsman’s score disappeared almost immediately, replaced by the next man in. The details returned but as the man is walking off we need to see his score & dismissal, not the name of the next man in. Also, we could never (rarely?) see the fall-of-wicket score (50/100 partnerships?) or how many overs each man had bowled.). 

(DM) We did have a screen showing the dismissal details, I thought that was being displayed but will look into that.   We also have screens showing the full batting and bowling cards and these will be displayed periodically through the innings but also at fall of wicket.  Last night we weren’t able to do this due to Sky having control of one of the screens

Wednesday will be different as we will have control of both screens and will be able to display more information, I must say though that I thought the replays were excellent and inevitably if we show them then at that point we cannot show other information.

We need to tweak the brightness as it was not quite right as light diminished, but we did not have control of that last night”.

(Me): I hope you’ll agree this is all very positive, and they will pay attention to any thoughts we have. 

Got There!
May 21, 2018, 9:55 pm
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Closer than it might have been, but good stuff (again) from Lewis, and from Weatherley

And at last (perhaps) I get Rilee. A very good innings but he hits across the line a lot which is why this one went for six


But also why he got out. Still that’s his third best for Hampshire after a decent innings at Taunton and that was a good win, which makes Surrey’s task pretty tough. Well done Hampshire!

Surrey 50
May 21, 2018, 12:57 pm
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The blazing hot sun has given way to light cloud, and some people are suggesting the possibility of rain around 4pm.

We are unchanged. Qualification is that the top side in each division goes straight through to a home semi-final and the second and third-placed play-off in a quarter-final. So, if we were to qualify in second or third, we’d have to go ‘up north’ for the semi-final.

PS The new screens are working! Sadly while Hove was blissfully quiet apart from some local football hooligans, today we are being treated to some of that ‘pop’ stuff. I write that with a sense of disappointment even though on this very day, exactly 50 years ago, I signed a recording contract! (there weren’t many records and sadly only one record).

Polydor Contract