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May 13, 2018, 5:34 pm
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Excellent effort by Hampshire’s two current number three Test batsmen.

Through this season to the end of the Hampshire first innings, a wicket fell at Taunton almost exactly every six overs

Through the Somerset first innings, and Hampshire’s today (180 overs) that has changed to a wicket every 15 overs. If that remains the case tomorrow, the match will be drawn.

Let’s hope so.


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Yes, good effort by Vince and Amla. Vince 63 and only 8 fours, playing very responsibly. We’ve already had a new Somerset 9th wkt partnership against us. Lets hope they can create a new 3rd wkt partnership v Somerset. It will also remove a another record involving KP which would be great. Only 52 to go. Hope I haven’t put the kiss of death on them.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Let’s hope they make it Tigger. Meanwhile two exciting finishes – ‘Carbs’ and his team have won by just three runs against Glamorgan, and Essex won a tight finish against Worcs who seem to be sinking. Colin Price listened to that game and tells me that the commentators made a comment that because of our growing injury list, we’ll have to start selecting English players! I suspect we’re not loved out there!

Comment by pompeypop

Been at the match the last 2 days. Unlucky with the Abbot injury but Vince and Alma played well this afternoon but with still almost 100 behind, if one of these 2 go quickly tomorrow then it could still be over quite quickly! Presume Abbot will be fit to bat?

Comment by John L

Have to admit that I have spent about half of my life so far in Somerset and the other half in Hampshire and although I am a Hampshire member I am a Somerset supporter at heart and would love to see them win the Championship for the first time ever. Have only been to Taunton to watch cricket a couple of times before as most of my time was in Bath. The thing that has been very noticeable is there are loads of Stewards around the ground (mostly elderly and probably volunteers) but there are all very friendly, helpful and welcoming. We even went to the church service at the ground this morning which was really nice on Gimlett Hill in front of St James Church. Somehow I couldn’t see that happening at The Bowl and it wouldn’t have the same atmosphere. Has been a lovely couple of days and what Championship cricket is all about. Long may it live! Amen

Comment by John L

It’s a lovely ground John – been a few times although not for a few years and, like Hove, it always feels like a ‘real’ county cricket ground to me. As to Abbott – I suspect he’d bat if doing so might give us a chance, but if we collapse in the morning, maybe not.

I don’t think his absence from the 50-overs is a disaster as he’s less effective in white ball stuff. Last year he took just seven white ball wickets at 42.85 (economy 5.7); mind you we are a bit short of bowling. It’s four weeks now until our next Championship game.

Comment by pompeypop

Is Toppers available for 50 over cricket or only T20?

Comment by John L

He signed a white ball contract

Comment by Nick Jenkins (@nickjenkins01)

Talking of Taunton,
As one who started life as a Somerset supporter from as long go as 1946 I havebeen amazed at the way the ground has been transformed.
Walking around the ground I could not find anything remaining from the original.
The transformation has been so tastefully done and makes a
Visit a real delight.
All that is needed is a Beefy’s.

Comment by John white

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