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May 15, 2018, 4:03 pm
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Yesterday, I posted what I have written about James Vince, for publication next month and thought maybe the game at Taunton would do it for him. Instead, England have left him out, told Root to bat where he does not wish to bat, picked a second ‘keeper’ who hasn’t played a first-class game all year, and kept Stoneman, who hasn’t yet scored 30 this year for Surrey (he averages 16.43). As a spinner they have picked Dom Bess who has one wicket this season, for 90 runs.

They might have got it right of course, but the clearest message for me, is that we can now stop pretending the point of the Championship is to produce Test cricketers. It seems wholly irrelevant. That means it can either be acknowledged as a thing worthy of existence in its own right (always my preference), or it can be put quietly to sleep.

If it’s the latter, Colin Graves can change his mantra and tell the media it’s because “old people are not attracted to cricket”.


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I’ve read on another forum and I’ve no idea if it’s true or not but Ed Smith has said on Sky that basically Vince never has been good enough for Test cricket, isn’t good enough for Test cricket and never will be good enough for Test cricket. If true, that is disgusting so hoping it’s not true.

Comment by John L

Like Carbs a few years back, he batted gallantly through an Ashes series and has been rewarded in the same way. Having seen all four days at Taunton, it seems to me that James has done everything asked of him. I hope he spends the summer proving Ed Smith wrong: I’m sure he will

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

I guess that would be the only good thing to come out of it – it will help his county!

Comment by pompeypop

Second xi score today, see

Comment by Allan

Cheers Alan. Huge score! Will Brad Taylor get a chance soon I wonder. With Jimmy he was best batsman in Barbados

Comment by Dave Allen

Ed Smith seems tailor made for his new role with the ECB. Selecting a specialist batsmen to bat at seven. Absolutely clueless.

Jos Buttler may well whack a few runs against Pakistan but we have seen how whackers without good enough techniques struggle against the top Test bowlers particularly overseas. So yet again we have failed to learn anything and the cycle of doing ok against under prepared sides at home and being humiliated away is set to continue.

As for the Championship it is now officially dead.

I really hope Pakistan stuff us out of sight.

Comment by James

Buttler has faced 353 balls in this IPL, in 13 innings (3 not out!).

Vince faced 437 in the second innings v Somerset.

Of course, I appreciate the comparison is just silly.

Comment by Jeremy

I think there are sillier things going on Jeremy! Nothing like being prepared – Many thanks.

Comment by pompeypop

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