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A Tale of Two Kids
May 28, 2018, 6:52 am
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I was commentating on Hospital Radio as we lost yesterday – and that is the way to put it, rather than Kent won. Nonetheless I agree with Jo that almost everything that Joe and Brad (bat & ball) did yesterday was marvellous, and I agree with James that in dissecting the defeat we need to ask about some of the other bowling (not Wood), some of the field placing and other batsmen with more experience who got in and got out. Brad fell to a terrible shot at the wrong time but no worse than Jimmy’s, whose dismissal created pressure.

On the other hand these young men are also professional cricketers whose primary purpose is to win matches and they didn’t. Brad is in his sixth season since making his debut and Joe in his third, so they’re not novices, and the challenge now is for them to learn from this quickly, cement a place in the side, with Dawson and Northeast returning soon and win matches. Hampshire have won nothing for five seasons while they have been no more than average, and there’s been no Championship title for 45 years. Simply saying they did well won’t change that, we need to be tougher.

I’ve seen Joe Root this morning asking England fans to “keep the faith” and I wonder, what faith? Does the England side and set-up deserve that? But I don’t wonder that about Hampshire – I guess it’s what keeps you going. And in the end yesterday was just another cricket match. I’ve seen Hampshire lose before (first time v Yorkshire at Portsmouth 1960) and I’m sure I’ll see them lose again. I was so busy yesterday, I didn’t catch up with the news until I got home when, speaking of my home city, I learned that two other kids went off to a music festival and never came home. All that happened to our kids was that they missed a couple of balls. On we go …

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Points very well put Dave.


I watched the two Joe interviews (our Joe’s courtesy of Jo!). One spoke sensibly and maturely and the other spoke utter rubbish. I’m sure the sensible mature one will learn from his experiences and his team will be all the better for it. I’m not sure the same can be said for the England captain.

Comment by James

I can imagine, if our Joe establishes himself, he’s potential captaincy material. Very good guy. As for that other lot …

Comment by pompeypop

Joe certainly came across very well in his interview with Kevan……

If he continues to do well I might have to change my name though…….shouts of cmon Joe & yes Joe & shot Joe were all a little distracting & just when I was getting used to not reacting I almost ignored a “Hello Jo” from behind me 😉

Comment by joster69

Good point Dave. I wasn’t at the match so cannot comment about why we lost. However, just looking at the ball by ball i cannot see how we lost. We needed just 6 from 2 overs with a man in on 100. Was the bowling really that Good! I don’t want to criticise a player who without his contribution we would have lost more heavily. But I wonder why Berg wasn’t sent in when Taylor was out. He would have either finished the game or got out. It’s a shame we lost our unbeaten record the way we did. I’m hoping we still qualify, hopefully as winners of the group. I also hope this experience doesn’t affect Joe,

Comment by Tigger MIles

We should have won from there Tigger, it’s that simple. On the other hand, maybe we won one game helped by D/L and if you played that game at Hove five times, we’d lose four of them. I suspect Joe is bright enough and talented enough to learn from Sunday, so that the WHOLE experience, including the defeat, will do him good. If not, he should probably find an alternative career.

Comment by pompeypop

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