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Are We There Yet?
May 30, 2018, 5:19 pm
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We have every reason to be hopeful of qualification: we have nine points. No other side has more than six points right now, but Kent, Gloucs & Surrey have a game in hand.

We can hope that everyone else beats each other, but here’s a gloomy scenario from the remaining matches

We lose both matches (Glams & Somerset) and finish on nine

Somerset beat Gloucs and us, finish on 10

Kent lose to Gloucs, but beat Surrey & Essex, finish on 10

Sussex beat Glams & Essex, finish on 10

Gloucs lose to Somerset but beat Kent & Middx, finish on 10

Surrey lose to Kent but beat Middx & Glams, finish on 10

We end up in sixth place!

Sorry Mick & Keef but “It’s Not All Over Now”

(There are alternative scenarios that are just as gloomy!)

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Makes the Kent loss a pain! Of course we could win both games and finish on 13 – home and hosed!

Comment by Paul

Yes lot tighter than it looks.
,Glams is a must win game….hopefully they will put out a few youngsters? Even a no result isn’t that helpful, as that would leave us on 10 pts, but only 4 wins.
Other teams will had to have won 5 games to get to 10 pts but “more wins” puts them ahead of us.

Comment by Nick Jenkins (@nickjenkins01)

Still tight – where’s Jo? We need some optimism around here please …

Comment by pompeypop

I am just sat reading this in disbelief……..we won today, we are top of the table, we have the most wins & the only game we lost was by one run!

So often we hear that the team with runs on the board is in the best position………that must be true for points on the board too.

So cheer up everybody, enjoy the positives, Vincey got a wicket & made 50, Lewis came in & took control of the chase & Reece took 4 wickets. We had no Amla, no Fidel, no Abbot & WE WON.

& if that’s not enough I’ll even roll out a cliche

“You can only control the controllables” ……so far we’ve done that & I include the Kent match in that because, yes, bowlers are actually allowed to win games too.

Right, now I need a lie down so that I can recharge my optimism in time to share again when needed. 😊

Comment by joster69

I have heard lots of suggestions over recent days that nine points will do it (because they did last year) but it’s not true – yet – and it might not be. As for runs on the board, it’s a bit of a cliché these days. We’re the best placed team in our Division, we’ve chased every time, and we should have still a 100% record (except for Bristol’s abandonment). As for the batsmen, or bowler business – it is generally the case that you win when they are both functioning well

Comment by pompeypop

Jo’s comments made me reflect on my tendency (sometimes) to be pessimistic about Hampshire cricket – given that otherwise I’m generally quiet cheery about life; although my initial post here is simply factual – and not the only possible scenario.

Here’s one explanation. I’ve been a member since 1961 and ultimately all my judgements are based on our performances in the Championship, even though I’ve enjoyed all but one of our Lord’s Cup Finals (and cup runs) hugely.

In my first thirty years as a member I saw us win two Championships, come second twice (and one deserved to be first) and third four times. There were other top five seasons.

Since third place in 1990, we’ve had one good run in the main competition in 28 years, the ‘Warne’ years from 2005-2008 (2nd, 3rd, 5th, 3rd) – and the last of those was a bit last-ditch. Otherwise, we’ve been mediocre to poor. It’s a long time to put up with such disappointments and so far, I see little evidence of much change this year. That’s not actually pessimistic is it? It’s a reflection of a long reality, following the expectations those early years once generated.

Incidentally here’s an odd thing. We’ve never been fourth.

Comment by pompeypop

All joking aside, I do understand. And maybe some of my optimism is because I like to go against the crowd.

But truthfully, my sister has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and has been a massive inspiration regarding facing adversity with optimism. Thankfully she is doing very well & who knows if her optimistic approach has had a bearing on that but it has certainly had a huge effect on me.

She’d probably kill me if she knew I was using her as inspiration but these hurdles in life definitely make you appreciate what you have & enjoy every moment while you can. Cricket is my escape, my refuge & a little selfishly “my time”.

Comment by joster69

Thanks for that Jo – and best wishes to your sister (not allowed to kill you though). I think it says something about the way people share things on here, that you feel able to say that. Cheers. And as that Bloggy bloke says, of course we’ll get there (won’t we?).

Comment by pompeypop

Another possibility – the away match against Glamorgan might be abandoned due to an unfit pitch and we might get the points.

It has happened before!

(And even if it isn’t I am still optimistic – and I’m a pessimist!!).

Comment by James

Being a pessimist means that you are even more delighted when something goes right.

Comment by John white

Things sometimes go right?

Comment by James

Not sure that pessimism is hereditary but my Dad (God bless him) was the most pessimistic person I have know. He wouldn’t stop worrying until the opposition needed more than 6 a ball. Even then he would worry about wides and no balls. Is it any wonder that I’m not happy until it is mathematically impossible for us not to lose.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Having said that, one win will see us qualify and 2 will see straight through to a home semi (I think).

Comment by Tigger MIles

Of course we’ll get a home semi

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

Theoretically, there’s one way we can lose both games, and still get a home semi – Surrey and Glamorgan win twice, and then Glamorgan beat Surrey by enough to keep their net run rate behind ours, while everyone else wins only once.

So on Friday we want Surrey, Glamorgan and Gloucester to win…

Comment by Jeremy

Going back to a previous strand. Vince for Hampshire has made 30 fifties and 20 hundreds giving him a respectable 40% conversion rate. If you ignore his 7 not out scores between 50 and 99 it becomes a very respectable 46.51%

Comment by Tigger MIles

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