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June 11, 2018, 2:54 pm
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Not even tea on day three and it’s all over (some people are on the pitch). In the Hospital Commentary box we were discussing briefly which Hampshire players emerged with any credit?

My votes: Edwards, Weatherley (second innings), and Rilee Roussouw for two brave knocks.

That’s the lot.

Except – for people like Jo who’s been having a fun day while we suffered – here is the END. Morkel gets the congratulations, Edwards turns away, the catch is taken. Stuffed.

Hants lose v Surrey 2018


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Its back to relegation again.The selection process is a shambles. Last season it was clear that we needed a strong pair of opening bats, its so important to get a good start. Sad to say Adams is past his sell-by date, and why bring back Ervine after ignoring him up to now. Its good to see the progress being made by Weatherley, Crane and Taylor but the rest are not strong enough to carry them through. .

Comment by Peter Jeffs

I think there are certainly problems Peter, but it seemed to me the selection here was almost ‘Hobson’s Choice’, with Northeast, Dawson and Alsop unfit (as well as Crane & Wheal). We might reasonably have hoped for some runs from more of those picked (Rossouw scored 85 for once out – 27%)

Surrey were excellent while, for twice out, Adams scored 15, Ervine 18, McManus 7, Berg 14, Taylor 21, Abbott 18. The last four, the middle order then, scored 60 in eight innings which is inadequate. As for Jimmy, he’s changed his stance and apart from 87 v Essex he’s got 33 v Worcs and nothing else beyond 23. But can we just go on-and-on with instant signings? Is there a 2nd XI batsman who deserves to be playing? I’m not sure there is. Should we get a loan player in? Who’s out there?

Relegation? Must be a distinct possibility and maybe not a disaster – we’ve been mediocre for a decade. Our next two matches are against the two most catchable teams, so …

Comment by pompeypop

Batsman Holland? He is also a bowler.

Comment by John West

Loan wise, Nick Compton would presumably be available but hasn’t lifted a bat since the winter as far as I can tell. I’m not convinced he’d be any much better than some of our other options though.

Comment by moggahooller

Ian Holland is a reasonable thought John – he’s only just back from injury, but he’s 27 and averages 25 (two fifties) after just 10 matches, so he’s not an unanswerable case, and since he bowls too, would he have to replace Berg do you think? Otherwise perhaps just Organ, who played one game last year.

Comment by pompeypop

I agree the selection process hasn’t helped (for example why was McManus suddenly an opener and does anyone know what Dawson’s batting role is?) but I think our problems go much deeper. All of our batters are capable of scoring runs but they seem to have problems with the mental side of the game. Look how many times we recover in the second innings after a disastrous first innings puts us on the back foot in a game. OK it didn’t happen this time but it has so often in the past.

It’s as if they don’t have the confidence in themselves to go out and post a big score from the start and dominate a game from the off and too often can only perform when the pressure is off because all appears lost.

Why is this? Well I think you have to look at the coaching side of things. Is enough time being spent on preparing the batsmen mentally for the situations they face in the middle? Is life just a bit to cosy for them? Do they need to be pushed much harder? It’s difficult for us to know from a distance but to me it seems that by and large their techniques are fairly sound and certainly no worse than our opponents but whereas most other counties seem to be able to produce a good few young batsmen who develop into consistent run scorers in Championship cricket we with similar raw resources struggle to get ours to step up from promising U19s. To me it seems the coaching is the problem..

So my pessimistic answer to Dave’s question is that I don’t honestly think there is anyone we can obviously select (other than Northeast when fit) in the short-term to make our batting consistently better.

Comment by James

That looks a very reasonable analysis to me. Changing the mental approach is probably the hardest job – and I’m not convinced you need a ‘Sports Psychologist’. Among those who’ve had it … Gray, Horton, Greenidge, Chris Smith (maybe more than Robin?), Crawley, Warne …

Comment by Dave Allen

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