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Hampshire Cricketers Corrections
June 12, 2018, 2:42 pm
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Update – the first one is new (sorry) – spotted by Bloggy (thanks)

John Arnold scored 2,000 runs not 2,00; George Carter was born 1846; Granville Greenwood’s match at Lyndhurst was 1874, Guy Jewell was born 1916, not 16.

Bibliography missing, Who’s Who of Cricketers, by Bailey, P. Thorne & P. Wynne Thomas (1984).

PLUS While we will all hope John Manners celebrates his birthday in 2018, he won’t reach 104 until that day in September. (At least I’m finding most of them!)


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A couple more possibles, Dave:
– Cecil Bodington – is that Pas de Calais (not Clais)
– Edward Bowen – is that King’s College, London or King’s College School, London? (Prior to Cambridge)
Currie – I think it’s Marlborough College, not School
Last, and very unhelpful, there’s a ‘one’ which should be ‘one of’, but I didn’t note it, and I can’t find it. Must be in the Bs

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

Bugger! But thank you. Can I just point out that while these are all entirely my fault, they all appeared on the Blog. They’re easy to miss! Please keep looking Bloggy.

As for the ‘of’, it’s on the back cover – one OF the Vice Presidents, although that doesn’t bother me too much as they’ve left me off the list in the Handbook for the second year running (are they trying to tell me something?)

Comment by pompeypop

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