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How Good Are the Women?
June 12, 2018, 6:09 pm
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I’m not sure they’d have fancied Morkel yesterday (his bowling I mean) but watching England tonight, they catch better than Hampshire!


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On another topic but still England, I now have the perfect excuse to ignore the footy. In an interview today, Harry Kane has said he wants his team to “send people to work happy”


Comment by pompeypop

£5 fine for mentioning the ‘w’ word

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

??? “W word”? I guess you must mean women (?), in which case to be honest I don’t understand.

They are playing in the Women’s World Championship – and anyway I’m a Guardian reader and retired Cultural Studies/Arts lecturer, so I’ve been using the W word for decade – mostly because ‘they’ prefer it!

Or am I misunderstanding?

Comment by pompeypop

Ha…….Dave I think Bloggy probably means ‘work’ as the ‘w’ word 🤷🏼‍♀️

Comment by joster69

Oh I see! Apologies Bloggy – and everyone. I re-read the main post and that was the only W word. Not my week for getting words wrong! (Another W word!). Bugger again.

Comment by pompeypop

It is the w word mentioned by joster69 – I’m not going to risk a £5 fine by mentioning it

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

I understand! A few years ago now, I watched cricket with a bunch of guys who outlawed mentioned of our anticipated pensions. These days I can say just what I choose!!

Comment by pompeypop

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