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They’re OFF! (Good Luck)
July 4, 2018, 10:38 am
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The ‘BLAST’ starts tonight and you might spot me at a T20 game this year, I’m not sure yet – although not often I suspect. I do nonetheless hope it is blessed with fine weather, thrilling cricket and good crowds, and I wish all 17 county sides the best of luck.

I send my best wishes because it might help to ensure the demise of the stupid idea (actually “idea” might be a bit strong) called The Hundred

I might know relatively little about Love Island, but I am surprised that no cricket pundits have yet invoked another recent TV series called precisely The Hundred, which has been described as The Hunger Games crossed with Lord of the Flies”. 

Consider this (from publicity blurb):

“97 years after nuclear Armageddon destroyed our planet, humanity’s sole survivors live on the Ark, an ageing space station experiencing overpopulation and inadequate resources” …

So, 100 of them return to Earth to check out the possibilities of re-inhabiting a “wild and dangerous landscape that teems with dangerous radiation, unpredictable conditions and unseen predators … or face ultimate extinction!”

Starring Graves and Harrison of course.


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Interestingly Calvin Dickinson seems to be turning out for Warwickshire at the moment in a 2nd XI Championship game having played a number of T20 games for them. Is he on loan?

Comment by James

Good spot James, but I’ve no idea. He didn’t get many (one run)

Comment by pompeypop

I recently saw the ECB’s putative cunning stunt referred to as the “WTF100”, which sounded pretty good to me.

The BBC results list has 11 T20’s since the final on Saturday, only 3 remotely close or interesting contests, all in the Canada Cash Cup.

Comment by Jeremy

A bit like last night’s international (cricket that is – the footy was close). In Canada I note that D Warner is one of the captains. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fella!

Comment by pompeypop

Which of the 18 Counties are you not wishing good luck to!! You won’t be seeing me till mid-August. My personal view of The Hundred is they should have just allowed each County one or two extra overseas players and kept is as it is. The crowds for the Blast have been pretty good and would probably be even better with one or two more Stars. Having said that, I still wouldn’t go.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Good spot Tigger!! There are only 17 counties. There’s another team called Birmingham – and I hope they lose every match.

I’ll see you in August when the new season starts!

Comment by pompeypop

Oh, nice one. I didn’t think you would get it wrong. My uncle was a Warwickshire supporter, God knows what he would thought.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Oh dear, Brum won!!

Comment by Tigger MIles

There was a man who died a couple of years back called Brian, involved in HCS and Portsmouth supporters, umpired at Waterlooville, watched lots of Hampshire cricket but came from Coventry. I know exactly what he thought about ‘the Bears’. It’s a shameful thing and the thin end of the franchise wedge

Comment by Dave Allen

One last thought on Saturday – if the ECB succeed in their plans for County Cricket, as seems likely – it is probable that it will be the last time more than 20,000 people watch a [proper] game of county cricket.

Comment by Jeremy

Hampshire team back in Portsmouth! – only its for water based team building. https://twitter.com/hantscricket/status/1014510595905851393

Comment by Sean

And whoever wrote the story on the Hampshire website thinks the Solent is a river…

Comment by Ian White

Well last season they thought Sean Ervine was South African so they set the standard pretty low then!

Comment by James

Why on earth are we bowling Abbott in the 20/20/? He’s always been poor in white ball cricket and with his problems this season’s it seems masochistic.

Comment by David Nicholls

I wonder if it was a case of being down to the “bare bones”?. He was certainly expensive in T20 last year

Comment by pompeypop

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