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Not quite … (I becomes O)
July 8, 2018, 8:59 am
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People keep saying it’s just like 1976. Do you remember that? It was my first summer as an art teacher, and I seem to recall the kids were pretty sleepy as the heat increased. Very handy that.

But it’s not quite the same. For a start while we won at Lord’s back then, this year it was on Saturday 30 June in a knock-out Cup Final, whereas at Lord’s in 1976 we won a day earlier (Tuesday 29 June) in the County Championship, thanks mainly to Mike Taylor, 5-24, and David Turner 116*. Incidentally in 1976 we lost yet another semi-final (in mid August) to Northants. We were still 12 years away from that first Final.

But the BIG difference is that we then played NINE Championship matches between the end of June and 17 August, whereas this year we shall play NONE. 

There were also three Test Matches in that period, England v West Indies, including at Old Trafford, the Saturday when Gordon Greenidge scored 101 (having scored 134 in the first innings), while at Bournemouth, Richards, Turner and Gilliat scored centuries for Hampshire v Glamorgan in a total of 495 (and an innings victory). Three in an innings equalled Hampshire’s record.

If someone had suggested to me in 1976 that I’d still be watching Hampshire 42 years later, except with not much to watch in an equally hot summer, I’d have been bewildered.


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There are three Saturdays of football Championship fixtures in August before we return to Championship cricket!

Comment by James

Was the Glams fixture the one in which Barry Richards got to his 100 and just skied one, more a case of retired than out, or just more obviously so than usual?

Can certainly remember the heat of that summer at the cricket, refreshment was conveyed to Dean Park from the Cricketers pub nearby in gallon ice-cream containers. 1 pint =10 runs, centurions among the spectators as well.

Comment by stephenfh

1976 was the only John Player season when there were no no-result matches. 136 matches in total.

Comment by Tigger MIles

July and August 2018 will see 99 days of county cricket, 95 of which are concentrated on just 11 of the 62 days, out of a potential (playing 5 days of 7) of 398 match days.

1976 – 342, inc JPL, (down from 424 in 1968).

Of course now we have the joy of T20 – but only 37 of 131 events include daytime play (10 of which are on weekdays on grounds with no, or iffy, floodlights).

Comment by Jeremy

Matt Salisbury has signed for Durham

Comment by pompeypop

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