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No Point?
July 15, 2018, 8:02 am
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There’s not much about Hampshire in this week’s Cricket Paper until you get to the local leagues where there’s one of the saddest possible news items.

At the start of this season, the Southern Premier League decided not to adopt the yellow and red card system but they’ve changed their minds because of “an outbreak of abuse and intimidation … a dramatic spike in player misconduct” which has led to “five umpires from the South Coast Panel” either quitting or intending to at the end of the season.

It’s a dreadful story – people get anxious about declining participation in the game, but I wonder whether it really matters. The first-class game in this country is a mess and the club cricketers who are supposed to be playing for enjoyment, don’t know how to behave. Maybe the past is all that’s left for the once great game?


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It is indeed very sad but of course it’s only the bad behaviour that makes the news. I’m sure that all around the country there are club cricketers playing the game in the right spirit.

Comment by James

Nice story from a friend who umpires

Umpiring at Cranleigh yesterday, what a long day? M3, A31 & A3 blocked by traffic so it took me over 2.5 hours. I rushed into the changing rooms and changed so all ready 15 minutes before the start only to find that the away team were not there as stuck in the traffic? Game started late but went well and played the way cricket should be played. Got locked in the ground but did find my way out, only to be flagged down by the away manager with his 2 year old son in his buggy. The Uber driver had not turned up to pick him up and get him to Guildford train station? So buggy and cricket kit in boot and back seat and gave them a lift to said station. I have no idea how to get a buggy down or up but we got there in the end? As we arrived at Guildford Station his wife called to ask where he was and more importantly where their son was? The baby sitter had not arrived so all in all he had had a stressful day? so if you see the match manager from Free Foresters CC be nice to him as stress was his middle name yesterday. I arrived home getting on for 11.00pm. knackered!

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Lovely Ron – cheers

Comment by Dave Allen

Maybe the past is all that’s left for many things in the current sad society we live in these days !!

Comment by Brian Scrimshaw

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