Hampshire Cricket History

Lost 3; Won 1
July 20, 2018, 8:50 pm
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So Hampshire are up-and-running (and on the telly tomorrow)

In the past two years there have been teams (including Hampshire) that have qualified for the quarter-finals despite six defeats, so everything remains possible for those of you looking forward to another day out in Birmingham.

(Incidentally, tonight came the first two No Result matches in the T20 season, at Cheltenham and Canterbury.)


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I think that there is enough batting talent in the side to win the majority of their remaining matches.
Doesn’t mean they will, of course.

Comment by Dave Pople

Last night was a perfect example of how the blast is already doing everything the ECB wants the 100 to do.

A large crowd, plenty of children & lots of mum’s handing out provisions but add to that plenty of the usual suspects you also find at 4 day games (not the target market for the new comp – although not sure why!?).

I think the club have now got the Blast pitched correctly too with just the right mix of entertainment for those not wanting to sit & watch all 240 balls (+/- extras) without detracting from the game itself. Yes, sometimes, your view was obstructed by people moving about during overs, & yes, invasions of children can sometimes get a bit irritating but then when you head to T20 you know that’s what you are going to get. A variety of food options, reasonably priced & good quality (I actually had steak & chips…..lovely).

The players were great signing autographs during & after play and even though some of those children had no idea they were getting the England ODI captain on their bat they were there & that might just spark a future love of the game as a whole.

Add to that a dry evening (weather wise of course) & it was a fabulous night out.

Comment by joster69

Cheers Jo, glad you enjoyed it. I think it is increasingly obvious that the ECB’s determination to create a new format (The 100) is about marketing and branding – about its ‘uniqueness’. All of that is being driven by people who care about marketing and branding. The problem with the T20 is that it’s ‘old hat’ now, and to be found around the world.

On the other hand of course if a sport really works in a particular format (eg football) then the only tinkering necessary is around the edges (substitutes, penalty shoot-outs) not the basic 11-a-side over 90 minutes format.

Comment by pompeypop

You almost make me wish I had been there Jo.


Comment by James

I quite agree Jo. Whilst it’s not my cup of tea the Blast is already successful. All it needs is an injection of more overseas players and you have a great T20. We don’t need another over complicated, rule breaking competition. The gimmicks I have heard for the new T20 are just that. Two different bowlers per over, 10 ball overs, it’s just NOT cricket. I’m sure Mothers and children are just as capable of counting down from 120 as they could from 100. The ECB have changed their minds so often it’s anybody’s guess what we will end with. One thing is almost certain, there will be less proper cricket and I think that is rather sad.

Comment by Tigger MIles

I mean thing not think!!

Comment by Tigger MIles

Cheers Tigger – corrected!

Comment by pompeypop

An excellent article. And I agree with every word. I think we all agree that to a non cricketing person the rules are fairly complicated already. No balls, free hits and the LBW rule is probably more hard to explain than the offside rule in football. So to introduce a new crowd is hard enough but then to change the rules is quite ridiculous. The countdown from 100, now that’s interesting to the Mums. I can see the big screen now following a wide or no-ball – “Sorry Mums but that one doesn’t count so don’t tick it off”. Or have the ECB changed that rule too. Perhaps instead of another ball you are awarded 6 runs, now there’s a great idea, don’t tell Graves!!

Comment by Tigger Miles

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