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Spaced Out Future?
July 25, 2018, 4:40 pm
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Long piece on Benny Howell. Includes story of Hampshire departure and struggle to get another county

Comment by Sean

That’s a really fascinating article Sean. Thanks for posting it.

Comment by James

Absolutely fascinating. I’ve long wondered about his ‘misbehaviour’. I can’t claim to know as much about coaching cricketers as any professional, but I spent 40 years being paid to work with teenagers and young adults. If one of my promising students had been ‘failed’ because I couldn’t get him (or her) to improve time-management I might have considered myself a failure too …

Comment by pompeypop

ECB now picking players who don’t want to play red ball cricket to play for England.

How much more can these morons do to destroy the Championship?

Comment by James

I hope he plays and gets 0-1,000. Really who cares any more? This is the tired sod who couldn’t get it up to play in that vital last game of 2016. Clearly character counts for nothing.

Comment by pompeypop

Atherton wrote a good piece on Monday, explaining why Rashid shouldn’t be picked. In it was this

“When asked last week about his availability for the India series, Rashid was quoted as saying: “If England do want me to be part of the squad for the series against India, then I’ll consider it.” Trevor Bayliss, England’s coach, raised the possibility of it happening too: “Could he get picked in the Test team on white-ball form? Well it’s happened once this year with Jos Buttler.”

Atherton went on to explain, perhaps as much for the failed Australian as much as anyone,

“Buttler’s case is wholly different. Although he played precious little of it for two years, at no stage did Buttler give up on first-class cricket. In fact, whenever asked, he said Test cricket was still an ambition and he remained available for Lancashire in first-class cricket. When I talked to him during the Indian Premier League in April, he even said that he had given some thought to giving up white-ball cricket for a short period to further his Test ambitions. Although reluctant in the end to do that, for fear of diluting a strength (and his earning potential), Buttler’s availability for his county was a given.

During the Royal London series of 50-over matches, Yorkshire asked Rashid whether he would reconsider his availability for first-class cricket for them after the India one-day series. He declined.”

It’s almost as if the ECB have a list they’re ticking off “How to **** English Cricket”.

Comment by Jeremy

Sorry, typo, for “****” read “*****”, rhymes with “raft” 😉

Comment by Jeremy

Rashid has consistently shown he has no sense of loyalty to his team mates and now England (Ed Smith) picks him and demonstrates that loyalty, team spirit and above all integrity count for nothing with the ECB. Absolutely no surprise at all.

Comment by James

Plus another interesting article this time on Robin Smith happily seeming to be doing much better.

Comment by James

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