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A-Z Corrections update
July 30, 2018, 10:43 am
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I have discussed with my publisher a hard-back limited edition (100?) corrected update and the plan is to do it up to the end of 2018 (Amla, Northeast etc) and publish at the start of next season. (Bob Murrell spotted the latest addition here – cheers)

A-Z Corrections List (Alphabetical)

John Arnold scored 2,000 not 2,00 runs

Tom Barber’s ‘number’ should read: (List A)

Henry Bethune’s number should read (37) He played before and after 1895

George Carter was born 1846, not 1946

Cecil Currie attended Marlborough College, not Marlborough School

Jimmy Gray’s number should read (314)

Granville Greenwood’s match at Lyndhurst was 1874 not 1974

Guy Jewell was born 1916, not 16

John Manners was 103 in April 2018, not 104

Matthew Salisbury’s ‘number’ is 548 not 348

Shahid Afridi also played in one List A match in 2016 (List A/T20)

Herbert Stewart’s memorial is in Hans Place, London, not Hans Crescent

Chris Tremlett played three first-class matches in May/June 2015, age 33

HE Webb 145* for Oxford University v Cambridge University at Lord’s 1948

The bibliography is missing:

P Bailey, P Thorne & P Wynne-Thomas (1984) Who’s Who of Cricketers

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Incidentally, there is some confusion about precisely who captained Hampshire (and when), as a second-class county in the period 1886-1894, but it seems that HW Forster should be noted as one of those (Alan Edwards has found a reference).

Comment by pompeypop

I do not have any confusion as I have all the Handbooks. Alan is, of course, correct. The captains were as follows: 1885/86 A H Wood; 1887 No captain mentioned (nor do the following year scorecards indicate captain); 1888/89 F E Lacey; 1890/91 H W Forster; 1893/94 H W R Bencraft. Let me know if you want other years.

Comment by Stephen Saunders

Thanks Stephen. As you say scorecards often don’t show captains (or the wrong ones, even in 1950s with Alan Rayment!). In one of our histories, Peter Wynne-Thomas (1987) wrote

“There seems to be more than a little confusion over who was officially the Hampshire captain during the early 1890s. In 1892 for example Wisden gives FE Lacey, Lillywhite’s gives HW Forster and Altham in his 1957 history gives Russell Bencraft. Most probably all three led the side in some matches” (p 52)

Best for the modern historian to decide I guess!

Comment by pompeypop

Hi Dave,

I was most interested to read of your intention to publish a the hard back version of your A – Z . I would like the opportunity to edit (in or out) a few comers…..what do you think?



Comment by Alan Rayment

I would have thought that the official publication of the Club i.e. the Handbook should be taken as the definitive answer as to who was appointed captain for the season, even though others may have captained in certain matches.

Comment by Stephen Saunders


I’ve been flicking through your excellent A-Z publication and have noticed a couple of minor errors:-

page ii of Alan Rayment’s admirable Foreword – Captain, Desmond EagEr, should of course be EagAr. Presumably, a ‘typo’. I wonder how many times dear old Desmond’s surname has been misspelt.

page 191 Nathan Rimmington – the match was actually at Castle Park Colchester not Chelmsford. I know because I was there and exchanged words with Sean Ervine about the lack of application by Hampshire’s batsmen after they collapsed from 3/109 (Carberry’s dismissal) to 171 all out. Coles made 36 of those 62 runs. Apart from 2 overs from ‘Tomo’ Hants spinners- Briggs 4-61 and Dawson 4-58, bowled in tandem, and almost snatched an unlikely victory.

Comment by Dave Wilson

Many thanks Dave. I’m amazed we both missed Eager! And I remember Colchester very well because it looked crucial to our promotion hopes but ultimately wasn’t. We went up, Essex didn’t – since when only one of those two sides has won the Championship!!

Comment by pompeypop

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