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The Time Has Come …
July 25, 2018, 10:56 am
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It was a single by Adam Faith. I liked Adam Faith, not least that his early hit singles were very short – “What Do You Want” – 1 min 37 seconds.

Talking of short, there’s The Hundred and the Time Has Come to tell the truth

I’m for it.

I wasn’t, but now I am. I’ve thought a lot about it. In their latest edition, The Cricketer has published the results of a survey of cricket followers and in response to the question “Do You Like the ECB’s idea for the 100?” 96.3% have said NO.

I’d have said the same, but so what? It’s like imagining that what I think about Brexit will have any impact on the outcome. Something ‘different’ is going to happen, whether we like it or not. So even though I continue to hate it as a cricket idea, and continue broadly to dislike the the entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and marketing men at the ECB (women? Charlotte Edwards is for it too), I’m pretty sure it will happen and so I’m for it.

What I hope is that it takes hold of this so-called ‘new’ audience and pretty quickly sweeps away the old T20 format. It can then become a bit like Rugby – something that started as football but became its own separate thing.

It doesn’t even have to be called cricket. It’s just something called The Hundred, played mostly by cricketers. If the LBW law or no balls are too complicated they can get rid of them.

County cricket will then be recognised as the minority interest that it has become, but it can survive with 4-Day and 50 over competitions in some form throughout the summer. The PCA might have to reign in their grumbling about wages and over-work and it might even revert to a mix of professionals and amateurs but it could survive.

I think.

A Quick One
July 24, 2018, 11:10 am
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The ‘Roses’ match barely made it into Day Three and even with Livingstone not batting in the first innings, 39 wickets in just 200 overs makes it the shortest Div One game yet this year.

As a consequence, Yorkshire have moved ahead a bit, while Hampshire have a game in hand on Lancashire who look vulnerable – they have played six games at Old Trafford, drawing three and losing three. Meanwhile Worcestershire are struggling v Somerset.

It might help Hampshire too, that they have played both games v Surrey already.

Interesting Stats
July 23, 2018, 12:56 pm
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From the Roses matches

Friday night attendance 22,515

Sunday daytime attendance “20,000 fewer”

(from The Times, today)

At lunchtime, Yorkshire appear to be winning (will there be a third day?), while Worcs are collapsing.

(Incidentally, if you post a comment with a typo, I’ll often correct it – and then delete your posted correction. Everything then looks as smooth as a bar of Galaxy)

Nice Work, If …
July 22, 2018, 6:44 am
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Hampshire are currently in the middle of a period of seven half-days of cricket in the month of July, with one more game (Lord’s) in the next seven days, while six Div One sides start Championship games today.

The bottom two, Worcs and Yorks both have a game in hand over Hants, and given the weather, bonus points alone are likely to drop us into the bottom two again by the end of the week, below Yorkshire and Lancashire. If Worcs manage to beat Somerset we could even be at the bottom when the season starts (again) in a month’s time.

PS I notice the Hampshire off-spinner Ollie Rayner is playing for Middlesex today.

July 21, 2018, 3:53 pm
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Fidel in, recently expensive Gareth Berg out.

PS Alsop gets a ‘pair’ (yesterday & today) but unlucky in that the TV showed it going over. There again, he played a reverse sweep on nought.

PPS I think you know that I don’t watch T20 – haven’t been to one since 2016. I did watch on Sky tonight however, where at the finish Rob Key said “that’s as good as county cricket gets”. He’s entitled to say whatever he wishes, and I generally like his commentary but it’s the sort of comment that explains why I’m drifting away from the game.

It struck me that for about 35 overs it was somewhat dull, with neither side quite doing enough to be sure of winning. Then, with about five overs left, Hampshire seemed to have won it, only they didn’t. But a thrilling last over is not the same as a thrilling match – and the the fielding on both sides was distinctly ordinary.

Lost 3; Won 1
July 20, 2018, 8:50 pm
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So Hampshire are up-and-running (and on the telly tomorrow)

In the past two years there have been teams (including Hampshire) that have qualified for the quarter-finals despite six defeats, so everything remains possible for those of you looking forward to another day out in Birmingham.

(Incidentally, tonight came the first two No Result matches in the T20 season, at Cheltenham and Canterbury.)

A Good Omen?
July 20, 2018, 6:15 pm
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Thanks to Alan Edwards for alerting me to the fact that the dry start to this year has not been matched since 1961.

If Hampshire’s cricketers are going to emulate that this year, they’d better get going quickly when the season re-starts in another month (re-starts?!! another month?!!)

It didn’t quite last in 1961; overall, the driest UK summers have been (in order) 1995, 1976, 1983, 1984 and 1913 (The Guardian today). Southern England has so far had just 6.1% of its normal summer rainfall.

The Long & the Short of It
July 19, 2018, 4:05 pm
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Sussex have just beaten Gloucs in a bit of a thriller at Cheltenham over four days. Danny Briggs got just one wicket but it was the vital breakthrough, after a partnership of 138,which seemed to rescue Gloucs from 38-4. The final margin, in a game of 40 wickets, was just 28 runs. Gloucs led by 20 runs on the first innings but collapsed from 295-3 to 306 all out – once again the longer form turns up trumps (can I still use that term?) even in Div Two.

Meanwhile the latest suggestion for the Hundred is for 10 x 10-ball overs, each of which can be bowled by two bowlers (five each) with a limit of 20 balls overall. That’s a lot of balls then …

PS Thanks to John for the 2nd XI alert where Hampshire thumped Somerset despite Trescothick’s HS in both innings (37 & 90). For Hampshire someone called OC Soames scored 148 plus Scriven 85, Holland 77, w/kpr Wood 45, and Hart 4-50 & 4-34.

(I do recall OC Smith who was the Son of Hickery Holler’s Tramp, but Soames?)

July 18, 2018, 4:08 pm
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More ‘TOWIE & Hants’ from Colin (thanks)

Valentines Park.JPG

He says “Hampshire played Championship games here in 1963, 1967, 1969, 1986, 1989 and 1999. In 1986 the Sunday League game was also played here. When Essex played weeks all over the county, they used the Ilford and the other inland grounds in May and June and the seaside grounds in July and August”.

I went to the game in 1999 with another Hampshire Committee man, Eric Tiller. Eric had done National Service in the RAF, as had our Essex host Doug Insole, so the two of them spent the day swopping stories. Insole spent most of the day ignoring me and was the only former player I met in those days, on that circuit, that I didn’t much like. Later I heard a speech from Mark Nicholas in which he recounted similar experiences.

The others were mostly pleasant and interesting, including Les Jackson, David Acfield, Graham Gooch, Don Shepherd, Colin Cowdrey, Derek Ufton (very funny), Brian Statham, Alan Moss, Don Bennett, Raman Subba Row, Jim Parks, Ken Suttle, Hubert Doggart, Rev David Sheppard, John Snow, Mickey Stewart, the Bedsers, MJK Smith, loads from Worcs including Booth, Fearnley, Graveney & MJ Horton, ‘Dickie’ Bird etc … It was great fun meeting people who had seemed like giants, and they mostly had great stories. There aren’t so many former ‘greats’ on the Committee circuit these days – more business men.

Not ‘Loads of Dough’ then?
July 18, 2018, 2:49 pm
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