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John Manners’ Record?
August 31, 2018, 7:15 pm
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I’m going to do my best to check that John is OK next week, and I hope to confirm that on Sunday (2 September) he will equal the record currently held by James Hutchinson (Derbyshire) as the oldest ever living cricketer, at the age of 103 years and 343 days.

I have received from Alan Edwards, a calculation by Keith Walmsley, pointing out that through his life, John has had one more leap year 29 February than Hutchinson, which is why he should then break the record on Monday (3 September) not as I previously anticipated, Tuesday (4 September). John’s 104th birthday is on Tuesday 25 September.

Here’s a photo from John’s last visit to a Hampshire players’ reunion, with Vic Cannings:

Manners Cannings

Double Opening Difficulties
August 31, 2018, 6:16 pm
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Here’s a photo for Tigger, blue skies and a full house for what looks like a thrilling game

A Bowl India 18

My headline refers to the obvious problems for England, where both Cook & Jennings need to perform well tomorrow but also, sadly, looking at the Chelmsford scorecard and reflecting on the fact that Hampshire, the county of Marshall & Gray; Richards & Greenidge; Smith & Terry or more recently, Adams & Carberry, don’t have a functioning opening partnership this season. It’s not their only problem of course, but it’s leaving them in a precarious position against Essex.

Elsewhere, Lancashire’s impressive victory might be highly significant, and perhaps Worcs are going, because they’re inconsistent but so are we (remember Notts last week?). We must hope that Yorkshire are going to collapse tomorrow, and maybe we can battle our way to a draw, otherwise, we’ll take just two bowling points.

The Test tomorrow could be a cracker of course, let’s hope so (and we only lost three overs today, with 25 overs by spinners). Finally, here’s Moeen’s ‘hat-trick’ ball, a different angle:

Moeen bowling


Day Two
August 31, 2018, 5:37 am
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I have tickets for all five days but if England’s cricket is going to be as poor again as yesterday (including the bowling last night) I can make better use of the time. At Chelmsford where it should be day three of course, I imagine Essex will try for the 400 bonus point then get at Hampshire; or maybe they’ll bat on and hope to win by an innings?

I thought the Indians were culpable with the over rates yesterday – if they fined sides a run-a-ball for every one not bowled, England would have had 30/40 extra runs, but it would need careful watching. Here for example is an on-field shot of a DRS review. Three  subs (two English, one Indian) were on the field and after the not out showed on the screen, it took almost two minutes to get them off and bowl the next ball (by Ashwin from a short run)


There were 80.4 overs bowled yesterday from 11am – 6.30pm. The first day’s cricket I ever saw was Hampshire v Surrey at Portsmouth in 1959 (day two). That was a fixed day from 11.30 am-6.30 pm, so half-an-hour less than yesterday. Hampshire bowled most of it, and coincidentally their three pace bowlers, Shackleton, White and Cannings bowled just three balls fewer than in yesterday’s Test (80.1). But Sainsbury also bowled 17 overs, Baldry four and in the evening, Hampshire batted and England pace bowlers Alec Bedser and Peter Loader bowled for about fifty minutes, so on that day, I saw about 30 overs more than yesterday, and in less time. Over-rates appear to be one of the main rationales for ‘The Hundred’ (fits BBC schedules) but this is Test cricket, so it’s OK to cheat those who pay.

Wrong Way Round?
August 30, 2018, 5:32 pm
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If someone had said at the start of today that the two scores would be 246 all out and 350+ for six I’d have thought that was alright, Essex all out and a good base for England. Sadly … (Yorkshire doing better than we’d hoped too).

Apologies that I’ve been quiet today – 4G signals very elusive in many spots at the ground today – no idea why. Here the England openers are running through the British Legion guard of honour; Jennings returned soon after but with no guard of honour!

Thank You & England batsmen

Here’s the first ball of the match (to Cook)

First Ball

I had a magical moment, a bucket list tick, telling Jonathan Agnew about the ‘Thank You’ project on TMS at tea – lovely. Here’s the view through the room:


August 29, 2018, 6:39 am
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Dale Steyn is not fit (he was at the Dinner last night). James Vince trained with England before being there too. So, to the nine who played last week, Hampshire have added Ryan Stevenson, Aneurin Donald and Oliver Soames who has been doing well in the 2nd XI. Ian Holland is also there.

Johnny Bairstow attended the Dinner – I tried to tip a waiter to drop something on his finger, but that didn’t work. The rumour last night was that he will play for England, with Buttler keeping. The other rumour is that (a) Hampshire can name Vince in the side and (b) field a sub because we can choose to bowl, so that when England select Bairstow, James can travel and bat at Chelmsford. But that was a rumour …

Meanwhile Jimmy Adams won’t mind a quiet day in the field. He was being driven to the hotel by taxi at the end of yesterday evening’s fun. (Kevan James who was an excellent MC/interviewer is driving up this morning).

A Good Night
August 29, 2018, 6:28 am
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The verdict seemed to be that people enjoyed themselves in the company of our 12 living official captains, plus their most regular/notable deputies (Trevor Jesty, Nic Pothas, Shaun Udal, Will Kendall, David Gower). I had a lovely night.

The stage conversations came in two sections – six Northlands Road captains (inc Robin) and six Ageas Bowl captains. Here is Kevan James talking to the second group. He did an excellent job all night as MC, and is now on the road to Chelmsford – probably a little tired!

KDJ asks question CD

On the main table in front of the stage you might spot Bob Stephenson & Richard Gilliat and behind in pale blue shirt, Nick Pocock.

The guys met in our favourite location, Beefy’s, to do lots of signing and very willing they were, but there was time for conversations:


(L-R) Jimmy Adams, Dimi, Bob Stephenson (hidden), Nick Pocock (at the bar), SW and John Crawley but I can’t figure out the man behind JC (looks like Michael Vaughan, but I don’t recall him being there)

There were plenty of media crews around as there’s a big game there tomorrow apparently – they took some opportunities:

Warne, Smith CD


Six Days on the Road
August 28, 2018, 7:21 am
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Starting today. I’ve been heavily involved in tonight’s Captains’ Dinner, and enjoyed it very much. There’s been a lot of planning and coordination so I hope it works smoothly.

Tomorrow I’m back at the Hotel for a first meeting of slightly reorganised Hampshire Cricket Heritage Ltd which has been formed to protect all the artefacts, and to make progress on Heritage work wherever we can. There are Directors and I’ll let you know more about it, after tomorrow. I’m simply an invitee, having happily retired from all formal duties and titles but I’m pleased about the development and looking forward to being involved.

Then there’s the Test Match, including the return of my pals from the Royal British Legion’s ‘Thank You’ project. There will be lots of them there on Day One, and Rod is speaking at tea on TMS about Hampshire’s links with the project.

So why only ‘six days’? Well it fits the song title for those that recognise it, but (weather permitting) do we expect a five-day Test? I have my ticket, but will I need it?

And if you know the song, no, I won’t be seeing my baby tonight. Mrs A is not about to become a cricket widow, because she’s away out west, at her annual summer school.

1919 – for Sean
August 27, 2018, 10:58 am
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(see previous post comments)

I’m happy to respond to photo requests – we have most years although not many of Hambledon 1775 …


Amateurs to the left, pros to the right – some pros like Newman & Livsey had not yet been ‘demobbed’.

All the 1919 matches were over two (longer) days.

James Vince in Tests
August 26, 2018, 6:26 pm
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Paul spotted this (many thanks). It’s remarkable. It argues he’s the unluckiest player, because others miss more, when he finds the edge (you know that idea about being ‘good enough’ to get a touch?):

“Of the 88 players in world cricket to bat 20+ times in Tests since Vince debuted, no player has a higher ratio of edges to misses than Vince. Not a single one”.

The full (very thorough) article is at



Rain Stopped Play
August 26, 2018, 6:17 pm
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Mine anyway. This afternoon, Southsea Common (I’m home now!).

Handy for the Test Match preparation?

Common Sunday