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August 4, 2018, 6:27 am
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Well at least South Hants are better than Northants

Hampshire could still get 14 points so …? Forget it. The teams in third & fourth, Gloucs and Sussex have 11 & 10 points but Gloucs still play Sussex and Surrey (5th), and Sussex still play Gloucs, Surrey & Glams (6th), so somebody will get points from those games and move away from Hampshire. So, what do they do with the team – should players like Dickinson and Holland be given a chance?

Of course I’m not too bothered. I’ve see a lot of T20 over the years, been to four Finals Days (I even stayed to the end in 2010) and given it my best shot and – just like modern pop music – I can live without it. But for those of you who do care, I’m sorry, just remember, at most, only three teams will win a major trophy this year and Hampshire are one of them.

Meanwhile back to the Test. It should be over by lunchtime but what a game. Michael Atherton wrote yesterday morning, even before day three: “Quite how anyone can watch such drama and not prefer it to the formulaic fare on offer in one-day cricket is a mystery”

Although he then added that Test cricket is not always like this. Of course some people always do prefer Eastenders to Shakespeare, Love Island to Newsnight, Take That to Duke Ellington etc etc and they have every right to do so. But there has never been, will never be, could never be a game of white ball cricket, so enthralling, so interesting, so full of dramatic twists as a Test Match like this one – crucially because it is a real ‘Test’, a battle between bat and ball.

It’s that simple really, and maybe why we should call T20 and the Hundred by those names, leaving out the word cricket.


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It’s long been said the “W” in “ECB” is silent.

So now the “C” as well! (or not, of course – perhaps it stands for “Cash” 😉 ?)

Comment by Jeremy


Comment by pompeypop

The disappointment here is that this form in T20 was so unexpected after doing so well in the 50 over comp and of course from 10 seasons of winning more games than we have lost. However any depressing thoughts about Hampshire’s form have been more than uplifted by this thrilling test match.

Comment by Ian

Understand that Ian – mind you we were as poor as this two years ago, the last time I watched (one win in the first ten).

Up to and including last night our record since the start of 2016 is WON 12; LOST 22 with four games abandoned and one tied.

Maybe the ‘glory’ days are over for a while?

Comment by pompeypop

When you put it like that then perhaps the warning signs were there. I thought in 2016 the glory days might have been over but we bounced back last year.

Comment by Ian

At least Munro has now played his last game for Hampshire but that means Steyn will be back and no doubt Stephenson will be the one to make way.

Comment by John L

Which still leaves a space for a batsman?

Comment by pompeypop

Rilee to open, push Dawson up and bring in Berg or McManus? Not sure really, not many options!

Comment by John L

Rilee has played 18 T20 games for Hampshire with one half-century (60) and an average of 20. In his career he has 15 half-centuries and an average of 26.

Comment by pompeypop

I like all forms of cricket…when there is a competition. Last night my team only had to score 140. Our bowling was good and I think maybe Abbott is back on song. But we didn’t compete with the bat. Was there a batting game plan? I couldn’t see it.
Ok back to the test….

Comment by Chas C

I hope we haven’t batted ourselves out of form for when the Championship resumes. The inquest regarding the collective failure must await another day but my own view is that by accommodating Munro as an opener unbalanced the batting order completely.

Comment by Alan Edwards

Yes, I rather liked the Rossouw, Alsop, Vince order at Lord’s and those three are all batting in different positions now and all mis-firing – mind you I’m following by radio and text! (And more concerned about the return of the white clothes cricket soon)

Comment by pompeypop

I’m devastated.

There was no “Foyle’s War” on TV last night.

Comment by James

BBC4 Proms were unusual and interesting for those who like such things (rather a lot of beards on stage)

Comment by pompeypop

Will give them a look next time we play T20!

Comment by James

Did you watch the Finch innings last night? Have you seen Ingram over the last few seasons? The odd good match from our overseas batsman is not good enough. Roussow has been given a long enough run.

Comment by David Nicholls

Of course the balance of the T20 side was thrown by the loss of Topley, who, after a couple of seasons’ injury, I thought was beginning to demonstrate why we signed him, Crane, and Taylor who, again after a couple of seasons’ injury, had gained confidence and maturity in the 50 over stuff. And Abbott, although not my choice ever as a T20 bowler has been out of sorts for a while – with another back up, Wheal, also ruled out through injury.
Spinners have worked for us in T20, so the loss of Crane and particularly Taylor, as an allrounder, has been significant.
It’s ironic therefore that the bowling hasn’t been too bad, and it’s the batsmen who have been inconsistent.

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

And Essex who have a good looking side and Northants who have been strong in recent years in the T20 have both been as poor. It’s in the nature of T20 that results are more arbitrary than in the longer form – but Hampshire’s points have come only from the other ‘deadmen’ – and the rain. The Championship usually reveals the best and worst more accurately. Vipers too, continue to lose in T20

Comment by Dave Allen

Good to see us move up the table today. Not playing seems to be a fruitful strategy

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

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