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Hampshire’s Worst
August 8, 2018, 8:27 pm
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Ever sleeveless sweaters were featured tonight in the match that confirms beyond any mathematical possibility that they cannot qualify for the quarter-finals.

Meanwhile they’ve equalled 2016, taking four points from their first ten matches – then, one win and two abandoned, this year one win, one tie, one abandoned. In 2016 they won the next two so …

PS Somerset’s captain has just said on Sky that “Hampshire made it incredibly tough for us”.

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Hants made it tough for themselves, giving their wickets away with poor shot selection (a tendency shown in all T20 matches this season) and loose bowling. Chris Wood has had relatively good season T20-wise but was dreadful tonight giving away over 12 runs per over.

Comment by Peter Jeffs

There was the small matter of 💯 for Liam last night, sadly un-noticed by most

Comment by joster69

But was there Jo? I think (like Chris Wood) it’s a matter of some confusion – and probably one for Tigger. The Sky commentators announced it, with no details, so I checked on Cricket Archive which last night showed 98 wickets in T20 and today, having added that match, shows 99 – and that is in ALL T20 matches. According to Cricket Archive he has 74 for Hampshire.

Comment by pompeypop

don’t tell me we have another discrepancy. Cricinfo has Liam on 100 T20 wickets. I have him on 74 for Hampshire which agrees with cricket archive. Cricinfo don’t break down the wickets other than he has 5 in T20i’s. I wonder where the discrepancy is!

Comment by Tigger Miles

I’m afraid so Tigger. Perhaps Cricket Archive have a policy of removing one white-ball wicket from all Hampshire bowlers? Will it help if I give you the complete breakdown (before you have one!)? Incidentally five wickets in IT20s also on Cricket Archive

Comment by pompeypop

As you know I care little for T20 and therefore don’t study the stats but could the difference be T20 friendly/warm-up (ie non-competitive) games?

Comment by James

It might be James. In Chris Wood’s (List A) case it was a question of whether he or Wheal took a wicket earlier this year in the West Indies – no one seems to know. On Cricket Archive Dawson has 74 for Hampshire, five for England, five for England Lions, eight for Peshawar Zalmi and seven for Rangpur Riders = 99. The matches are all listed on CA too, but it’s entirely possible as you suggest that on Cricinfo there is another ‘warm-up’ game included.

Comment by pompeypop

thanks for the breakdown but as far as i know cricinfo has no such breakdown so i have little chance of finding the difference without a lot of digging. As my site is only interested in Hampshire wickets then i’m not too worried as they agree. I’m more worried about the Wood/Wheal wicket.

Comment by Tigger Miles

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