Hampshire Cricket History

August 11, 2018, 2:23 pm
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I posted a version of this earlier but there was a blip or two – partly because the year-by-year tables on Cricket Archive aren’t always quite the same, and partly because I wasn’t paying careful attention. So:

This season, to last night, in 104 T20 matches, nine have been abandoned/no result and eight of those have been in the southern group (89%)

That is a real shift. In 2004, two southern and two northern matches reached no result, so 50% each. Otherwise from 2003-2012 the northern groups always suffered more with the weather and overall, of the total of 151 ‘no result’ matches from 2003-2017, only 33% have been in the southern groups.

But things are changing, because in 2013, 2015 and 2017 the percentage of ‘no result’ matches in the south was higher than in the north – and this year will add to that (I have not considered Finals Days).

There have been 50 ‘no result’ matches in the south; 10 of them involving Hampshire.

By percentage, the wettest years have been 2007 (27.8%); and 2012 (22.2%). The least affected have been 2003 (none, but from just 45 games), 2013 (1.1%) and 2006 (2.8%).

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The Ageas Bowl website shows Jake Lintott in the 15 man squad for tomorrow but in reality he’s in the Gloucester 14 man squad for their match in Bristol tomorrow against Surrey.

Perhaps he’ll turn up at the Rose Bowl next Friday with Gloucester and Hampshire won’t realise he’s gone!

Comment by John L

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