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August 12, 2018, 7:08 am
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Dodgy season, dodgy weather, irrelevant game, so James and I have decided to give this afternoon’s game a miss – will others?

The latest edition of The Cricket Statistician arrived yesterday, and among the articles about long-gone days, was a short statistical piece about T20 attendances at county grounds (as below, omitting Finals Days). The most informative stats are probably those covering average attendances from 2003-2017 which are, in order, and above 4,000, as follows:

Lord’s 18,425; Oval 14,540; Trent Bridge 8,362; Edgbaston 7,084; Old Trafford 6,822; Headingley 6,606; Taunton 6,035; Ageas Bowl 6,005; Chelmsford 5,246; Hove 5,159; Durham 4,163.

At the foot comes Derby with 2,667, however that represents 58% of their capacity** which is higher than the Ageas Bowl with 55%. That in turn is higher than Edgbaston (46%); Headingley (42%) and Old Trafford (36%).

Given that these figures are mostly about the international grounds which will host the Hundred (or whatever) in 2020, what about Cardiff? Its average is 3,969 which is just 39% of capacity, slightly higher than Bristol which comes last with 35%.

There is another set of figures showing that the Ageas Bowl attracted 72% of its capacity in the period 2003-2007, dropping to just 50% from 2008-2012 (despite two trophies) and going back up to 59% in the following years. In those last few years, 2013-2017, the Oval has been attracting 75% capacity which is equalled by Hove, but at the top comes Somerset with 85%. Most counties saw a decline in the middle period followed by an increase in recent years, but Essex and Worcester have declined significantly from good starts, while Sussex and Somerset have improved consistently. The reward for the the latter two counties is to be excluded from the new franchise stuff.

The article notes that of the ‘chosen’ (international) grounds for 2020, Surrey & Notts “have done well, but some other figures … have been disappointing”.

** The author, Andrew Thomas notes the problems of knowing precise capacities (“moveable feasts”) so he has calculated that figure against the highest attendance, which at the Ageas Bowl is recorded as 11,003. That figure beats Cardiff (10,084) and Bristol (10,588) but is below the other six major grounds.


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I think the ‘drop’ is in percentage terms only – the higher figure is before the two stands were built, the lower after.

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

That seems entirely possible, although it’s interesting that 14 of the 18 counties (including Hampshire) saw a decline in that middle period. What’s it been like this year?

Comment by pompeypop

Str ictly speaking, 16 of the 18 counties experienced a middle period dip – but two, Essex & Worcs (who’ve never reached Finals Day) didn’t recover. So much for fortress Chelmsford huh?

Comment by pompeypop

Actually that was a very interesting set of stats although whilst difficult to incorporate, it would be interesting to know how the weather conditions contributed to some of the years concerned. Should be interesting to see the stats results after this summer !

Comment by Brian S.

Yes but (ref previous post) it’s not been THAT good for T20 – another No Result last night.

Comment by pompeypop

Very interesting stats – if the ACS is doing that sort of stuff (as opposed to arguing about the status of matches during the Napoleonic Wars 😉 I’ll have to rejoin….

One of the other factors in properly evaluating attendance across counties is what they include/exclude in their basic membership – one county at least has pre-sold T20 tickets to member at half price, and got very good attendance as result – another has only recently broached the subject of not including T20 “free” with membership, and unsurprisingly both of these have tended to show up towards the top of in comparative figures.

If the Ageas best ever is 11,003, and capacity is actually normally 15,000, that would seem to suggest our absolute best ever (in a period where I think we once had a run of winning 15 out of 16 games 2012-13) is less than both the Hove and Oval averages.

During the Lord’s test, Lavender, formerly Somerset, and now MCC CEO, was on TMS. He revealed/let slip that he has not seen the research on which the ECB are basing their entire “100” “idea”. And yet both organisations have voted “For” it. Some things you really couldn’t make up” (a bit like not declaring in the Test with a 250 lead, an iffy forecast, and favourable bowling conditions?).

Comment by Jeremy

…yes, whether membership categories that have paid for T20 cricket are automatically included in the attendance figures, as per STH for the footy, a question about the numbers.

The numbers for Lord’s vis-à-vis the Oval may be at least partly down to the greater number of games played at the Oval, and diminishing interest a factor the more there are of them.

If diminishing interest sets in at Cardiff after the Blast in 2020 crowds could be small there for the 100, and elsewhere of course.

Comment by stephenfh

Don’t think members are counted as attending at Hampshire, perhaps at other counties

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

Meanwhile in real cricket Jimmy Adams saw his recent average drop for St Cross yesterday as he only scored 144. That’s 495 runs in four innings.

Comment by James

Struggling then? Will he get in the Championship side?

Comment by pompeypop

Craig White (interviewed after the abandonment today) says Jimmy is not being used in the T20 so that he can concentrate on red ball practice.

He was however there today, with his two little lads, as was Nic Pothas with his little boy plus he seemed to be watching over Dimi’s two sons too (Dimi was busy doing warm ups)

Comment by joster69

Comment by joster69

Attendance this year has seemed pretty good. Not sure how these stats deal with rained off games, or games with a bad forecast and hence low attendance. I think last year we lost both the big money days: el Clasicoast and the family day.

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

The article suggests that the info comes from Wisden so probably depends on what counties declare. I’ve often made the point that the figures they show for Championship attendances ignore members, who paid for their tickets in the dark days of winter (or years ago). No different from Arsenal, Manchester Utd etc showing all season ticket holders in their match attendances, whether there or not.

Comment by pompeypop

Nowadays, with the turnstiles, members do get counted in to the ground in addition to the ticket sales, so the attendance figures are a truer reflection of who’s there compared to the past. (Long ago Wisden used to talk about ‘paying’ attendance, acknowledging that members didn’t pay on the day.)

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

Can’t see the relevance of percentage of capacity in these stats. Maybe the attendances relative to covered capacity might be just as pertinent, if potential attenders are influenced by the prospect of sitting in a dry or shaded stand. Also, why aren’t the attendances published with the scorecards/results as in football?

Comment by Ian White

Good point Ian. A few years ago I did ask the then Chairman of the Members Committee if the attendance figures could be published in “Round Up”. The response I received was that “they are too busy with the new stand project (to provide the figures)”! I think that this attitude underlines my view that RB Sport & Leisure Holdings Plc (parent company of Hampshire Cricket) are not interested in cricket per se, just in the money that it generates.

Comment by John West

‘Nearly 8000’. The attendance at the Somerset T20 and Vipers game last week, according to the website

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

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