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That’s Better!
August 21, 2018, 5:42 am
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Vince J copy

James Vince is currently averaging in the high 50s and not far away from 1,000 first-class runs this year, after just nine matches

Last year he was Hampshire’s highest scorer in the Championship, but with just 626 runs all year. He has twice passed 1,000 runs in a season previously, in 2013 & 2014. In both years he averaged over 60, but they were both in Division Two.

In Division One he has never scored this many Championship runs (in 2015 his first-class aggregate included a century v Loughborough University) and he has never averaged as much as 40.

They should pick him for England!


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I wonder if Ed Smith knew that JV has become more Toblerone* than Flake post Australia?

*solid centre, if not quite what it was, couldn’t think of a Cadbury’s equivalent!

Comment by Jeremy

I was worried you thought bits of him had recently gone missing Jeremy!

In all seriousness I do think his game has come on leaps and bounds this season and when he walks out to the wicket I now feel he can get big scores and change games rather than a pretty twenty or thirty before giving it away.

I reckon he is a very good bet to play in the next Test.

Comment by James

The Toblerone analogy may be better than you thought: I gather the manufacturer is reverting to the”pre-Brexit” style product – the missing bits have returned and it’s now the familiar, solid product!

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

Great news!

Personally, I’d pick JV.

But I hope (with apologies to him) they don’t 😉

Comment by Jeremy

He certainly looks more solid than in previous seasons. However don’t expect Smith to rock up at the Bowl any day soon.

Comment by Paul

I read that a feature of his innings yesterday was his sprinting between the wickets. He has been criticised in the past for relying too much on boundaries. Yesterday only 78 out of his 147 was from boundaries.
I wonder if that is a response to the criticism?

Comment by Dave Pople

Have the bloggers seen Pope’s dismissal in the test? Slashing outside off edge to slip, heyho.

Comment by Paul

The skipper wasn’t much better Paul!

I gather Root and Stokes our two best slip fielders aren’t fielding there nowadays because “they would rather not”. Perhaps we should be blaming them as much for the dropped catches as the poor sods who are doing their jobs?

It’s also surprising to me at least that Stokes is in any position to make such demands.

Comment by James

they are obviously worried about finger injuries. the ECB should allow them to wear wicket keeper gloves! Silly, I know, but not as redicuous as the ‘hundred’.

Comment by Tigger Miles

That may be the case Tigger but what about the idea that a captain leads by example and shouldn’t ask one of his team to do something that he wouldn’t?

On the subject of gloves I loved Sunil Gavaskar’s comment when Buttler took to the field in wicketkeeping kit following Bairstow’s injury – “Now we will see if he can catch with gloves on!”.

Comment by James

I think in principle James makes a good point about skippers. On the other hand I’m very pleased that in my first year as a (junior) member Ingleby didn’t lead ‘Shack’ & ‘Butch’ by example and take the new ball …

Comment by pompeypop

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