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James Vince in Tests
August 26, 2018, 6:26 pm
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Paul spotted this (many thanks). It’s remarkable. It argues he’s the unluckiest player, because others miss more, when he finds the edge (you know that idea about being ‘good enough’ to get a touch?):

“Of the 88 players in world cricket to bat 20+ times in Tests since Vince debuted, no player has a higher ratio of edges to misses than Vince. Not a single one”.

The full (very thorough) article is at



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Well, it is a very interesting article.

But it’s a bit puzzling they hav’n’t sliced it by whether the guys are playing attacking or defensive shots – I guess JV edges driving, while [i]maybe[/i] the others miss balls that move that they’re trying to defend?

Plus, if you’re second slip, I bet you pay attention to every ball when JV is in.

If that all sounds picky, JV is also clearly, by along way, better than all the others they’ve picked, and I rather fear we won’t get to see that much more of him…

And a shame he hasn’t given us the stats on Cook, to see if that’s changed in the past couple of years. Or indeed an overall aggregate since t20 got into all Test players heads.

Comment by Jeremy

I reckon the other reason he’s unlucky is that they catch them. These days it seems most slip catches are dropped. He’d be averaging 60 if he batted against England!!

Comment by pompeypop

I didn’t get to see the displays at the ground last week but there is an interesting picture of the 1919 team currently online here.
(takes a while to load)

Comment by Sean

There are about 1500 items here and I’ve trawled through twice but cannot see it (the images are small and don’t seem to enlarge). I found the Bournemouth line-ups of Yorkshire & South Africa. For some reason Bournemouth photos were always shot like that. We have one like that of 1919 with stripey blazers and a boater or two. Is that it?

Comment by pompeypop

It’s lot 195

Comment by Dave Pople

I can get the photo to enlarge. Yes it’s at Bournemouth with stripey blazers so must be one of those you have got but I hadn’t seen a photo of the 1919 team before.

Comment by Sean

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