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Wrong Way Round?
August 30, 2018, 5:32 pm
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If someone had said at the start of today that the two scores would be 246 all out and 350+ for six I’d have thought that was alright, Essex all out and a good base for England. Sadly … (Yorkshire doing better than we’d hoped too).

Apologies that I’ve been quiet today – 4G signals very elusive in many spots at the ground today – no idea why. Here the England openers are running through the British Legion guard of honour; Jennings returned soon after but with no guard of honour!

Thank You & England batsmen

Here’s the first ball of the match (to Cook)

First Ball

I had a magical moment, a bucket list tick, telling Jonathan Agnew about the ‘Thank You’ project on TMS at tea – lovely. Here’s the view through the room:


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Sam Curran rescues England after being Man of the Match in the last Test he played.

Where was he for the last Test? Oh that’s right we dropped him for the 3am brawler.

That Ed Smith is making a difference isn’t he?

Comment by James

When England were all out it seemed that at least the Indian openers would face a few difficult overs. They didn’t, firstly because Anderson & Broad bowled poorly and secondly because we were all cheated out of half-a-dozen overs because they simply stopped at 6.30, with just 80 overs and four balls bowled all day.

The Indians would not have wanted to face more overs and were reprieved, DESPITE the fact that it was mostly their fault that the over rate was so dreadful. They bowled very well but at a rate that suited them and nothing happened about it. If I’d bought one of those boxed pizzas and there’d been a slice missing, would I have been right to complain? My ticket cost £65 – can I have a fiver back?

Comment by pompeypop

Tea on TMS was delightful – looking forward to digging out the Tennyson stuff on WW1 – and hearing the podcast version of the 15 & 521 Warwickshire story 😉

Comment by Jeremy

Thank you Jeremy! I loved it.

Comment by pompeypop

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