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Day Two
August 31, 2018, 5:37 am
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I have tickets for all five days but if England’s cricket is going to be as poor again as yesterday (including the bowling last night) I can make better use of the time. At Chelmsford where it should be day three of course, I imagine Essex will try for the 400 bonus point then get at Hampshire; or maybe they’ll bat on and hope to win by an innings?

I thought the Indians were culpable with the over rates yesterday – if they fined sides a run-a-ball for every one not bowled, England would have had 30/40 extra runs, but it would need careful watching. Here for example is an on-field shot of a DRS review. Three  subs (two English, one Indian) were on the field and after the not out showed on the screen, it took almost two minutes to get them off and bowl the next ball (by Ashwin from a short run)


There were 80.4 overs bowled yesterday from 11am – 6.30pm. The first day’s cricket I ever saw was Hampshire v Surrey at Portsmouth in 1959 (day two). That was a fixed day from 11.30 am-6.30 pm, so half-an-hour less than yesterday. Hampshire bowled most of it, and coincidentally their three pace bowlers, Shackleton, White and Cannings bowled just three balls fewer than in yesterday’s Test (80.1). But Sainsbury also bowled 17 overs, Baldry four and in the evening, Hampshire batted and England pace bowlers Alec Bedser and Peter Loader bowled for about fifty minutes, so on that day, I saw about 30 overs more than yesterday, and in less time. Over-rates appear to be one of the main rationales for ‘The Hundred’ (fits BBC schedules) but this is Test cricket, so it’s OK to cheat those who pay.

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I agree about the over rates. Also why are there so many empty seats! I thought it was a virtual sell out.

Comment by Tigger Miles

It’s the advantage of the Bowl, Tigger: because of the berm it’s easy to watch the game even when you’re not in your seat. Over the years I have tried to get a snap of a sold out Rose Bowl, but people just won’t sit still!

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

I’m told not a sell-out yesterday and some free tickets given out but not necessarily occupied. Today and tomorrow are sell-outs (proper) so good chance of that photo. Otherwise only two years to wait for the Hundred!

Comment by Dave Allen

The Times gives attendance yesterday as 13,204, with capacity at 16,500.

The temporary stands are smaller than they have been in the past, so I guess, from a spin point of view, selling out 16,500 seats sounds better than not selling 3,000 of 22,000 seats (or whatever our peak capacity has been), though of course more than 10% more people get to see the game.

During the Lords test, TMS, Vaughan I think, suggested adding the runs scored in the best over by the batting side multiplied by the number of overs lost… yesterday that was at least 12, so the England score would have been increased by 84.

That would sort it out in a big hurry!

Comment by Jeremy

Nice! I’m glad we’re not alone.

Comment by Dave Allen

Another option to improve over rates would be to get the umpires to do their jobs and manage the match properly.

The farcical scenes during our home game against Notts when Brathwaite on debut after one over called for the twelfth man to bring him a replacement team helmet and then proceeded to do a wonderful impression of your favourite auntie choosing a new hat from a large selection had to be seen to be believed. It must have been such a surprise to him that he would need a helmet being that he is an opening batsman.

Previously in the day we had seen the Notts short leg fielder calling for the protective gear only for the twelfth man to discover it had been moved from where he left it. We were then treated to an extended delay whilst a search was carried out before the gear was found and brought onto the pitch. We then had the normal gear whilst the fielder dressed himself.

At no stage in either incident did the umpires show any interest in moving from their spots let issuing a hurry up.

If anyone ever needed a demonstration of how not to manage a game Messrs Warren and Blackwell provided the perfect example.

Comment by James

What’s up with Vince? England bowled 27 overs before lunch, three short. It seems that Jennings is playing as an all-rounder but Stokes isn’t. Jimmy Anderson bowled better on this ground the first time, for Lancs, about 15 years ago. Kohli looking ominous, but we might see quite a bit of spin after lunch.

Comment by Dave Allen

Apparently Vince has a stomach upset but will probably bat later (sooner?) Bad news at lunch. The signal here is now dodgy again, so maybe not much more from me until I get home.

Comment by Dave Allen

I wonder how many positions in the order Dawson has batted in for Hampshire now. 1/2, 4.5.6,7,8,9?

Not sure if he was down to bat that low or if he would have come in before Holland or not.

Comment by MS

Daws could possibly add at number 10 today as Abbott already in as nightwatchman….

Comment by John Cottrell

We seem to have a lot of candidates to bat at number 10 – including some who have already batted!

Comment by James

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