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John Manners – the Record
September 5, 2018, 6:33 am
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We’ve sent a card, and Alan Rayment rang him on Monday. He was typically unassuming about it, but I think he’s pleased

It’s a bit complicated, but here goes. It’s easiest perhaps to confirm it by referring to this list on Wikipedia suggesting the record is today rather than Monday

The list has not actually been updated but you will see James Hutchinson at the top on 103 yrs & 344 days
They just count the years as if each has 365 days, and add on the ‘bit’ of the last one before he died
John is now 20 days from his birthday so today (Weds) he is 103 yrs & 345 days which is the record
In fact because of Leap Years – of which there have been more in John’s life than Hutchinson’s – he has lived a few more days now.
He reached 37,964 days on Monday, one more than Hutchinson, but probably easier to go with today as that beats any way of keeping count!
(Thanks to Keith Walmsley of ACS for the numbers)



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Congratulations to John.
Four of the top 20 in that list on Wikipedia are Hampshire cricketers. Must be something in the air.

Comment by Dave Pople

He still looks good, any chance of finding what the secret is?

Comment by Tigger MIles

Possibly not watching Hampshire’s batting?

Comment by James

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