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September 9, 2018, 12:53 pm
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The same

I think to myself I’d better check the regulations for tie-breaks in the County Championship so I Google search, and after a list of sites selling cricket ties, I get a Cricinfo site with the table and regulations from two years ago.

So I go straight to the ECB site


which helpfully informs me that the bottom two go down and the top two in Div Two go up.

Then I try the ECB’s ‘Playing Conditions’ site which informs me about cameras on the pitch, but again, nothing I can see about tie breaks.

So, unless an enlightened Blogger can help I’ll have to rely on the regs of two years ago which were in order 1. Most wins; 2. Fewest losses; 3. Most points in matches between the two sides; 4. Most wickets all season and 5. Most runs.



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The Squad Remains the Same. Last week’s XI plus Donald and Berg.

Comment by pompeypop

The tie break is as you say (pc 16.2.8).

Interestingly, given the ECB’s taste for mindless bureaucratic stupidity, it seems to be the same for both divisions 😉

The stuff on draws etc is very interesting. I expect it’s all down to the pitches being dryer (though I suspect there were fewer draws before the heat became a factor?), or perhaps it’ll turn out the Dukes ball this year has a prouder seam.

Whatever it is, lets hope we get to replicate it (maybe limit the amount of watering that can be done over a season, adjusting for rain, ?), because cricket is immeasurably better when there is a better balance between bat and ball than we usually get.

Comment by Jeremy

Many thanks Jeremy – and I agree absolutely – although not sure where the Test batsmen will come from (Jennings just out)!!

Comment by pompeypop

Saw a good Jennings stat earlier:

Most consecutive innings for an opener in Eng without scoring a 50:
18 K Jennings (2017-present)
16 A Bannerman (1880-93)
16 J Edrich (1969-75)
14 G Gooch (1980-85)
14 A Cook (2009-10)
13 M Brearley (1977-81)

Ed Smith on TMS at lunchtime – came over well, I thought – didn’t mention JV once…

Comment by Jeremy

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