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You’re Out!
September 10, 2018, 12:55 pm
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Somerset that is

And here, the ball that ended Lewis Gregory lbw Abbott (who was terrific). The photo’s not quite in Jo’s class but it’ll do!

Gregory lbw Abbott

Sadly I’m on a bit of a streak – the next photo I took was this one – Soames lbw Davey 0

I’ll put it away now!

Soames lbw Davey


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No Army, but it all seemed a bit Barmy! Three suggestions, having watched all day from the gantry, behind the line – there’s not much wrong with the pitch; the bowling was of high class almost all day; and I’m not the first person to suggest that modern batsmen struggle to play the moving (swinging) ball. Will it be all over tomorrow?

Comment by pompeypop

From fine-leg/mid-off the bounce seemed fairly consistent but there was obviously sideways movement caused by some very good and consistent bowling. It seems difficult to criticise the pitch unless of course you criticise virtually all the pitches around the counry based on the scores. As Dave says probably more criticism is due to the batsmen. Jimmy and Liam’s thirties were well worth fifty and Sam’s fifty worth not far short of a hundred I thought.

Another thought – I wonder how Jack Leach enjoyed his day?

Comment by James

Yes – very good batting from those three. Were Hampshire helped when Lewis Gregory went off?

Comment by Dave Pople

Elsewhere, not the ideal score from the Roses match. If Lancashire win, while Yorkshire take no more than 3 or 4 points, we must win or the pressure next week will be considerable.

I’m assuming we’ll get no batting points, so defeat would leave us with three points. What’s more, Worcs are doing ok v Surrey,

Comment by pompeypop

In my rush to arrive after a morning at work I left my camera at home……..so no photographic competition from me yesterday.

& that irritating thing called work combined with terrible scheduling means that Wednesday afternoon (possibly wet?) is the only other time I can attend. In fact I only made yesterday because I put the hours in on Sunday.

Comment by joster69

Not an entirely satisfactory day then Jo – and if they’re still playing by Weds pm I’m afraid the weather does look dodgy. You’ll be missed.

Comment by Dave Allen

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