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‘Dimi’ Free?
December 5, 2018, 5:28 pm
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Seems convenient doesn’t it?

Comment by James

This may be the most off topic comment ever on this site (even by me), but this caught my eye, one for stattos everywhere:

Dravid and Pujara have reached their milestones of 3000 runs, 4000 runs and 5000 runs in Tests in SAME number of innings. 3000 runs in 67 innings
4000 runs in 84 innings
5000 runs in 108 innings

(seeing if there are any HCCC equivalents might take a while!)

Comment by Jeremy

One for Tigger!

Comment by James

Oh, thanks a lot James. A major task, i’ll see what I can do in the New Year. No promises!

Comment by Tigger Miles

Only joking Tigger I wasn’t expecting a response (other than to be politely told where to go and spend Christmas!).

Comment by James

This could be the post for all kinds of “off topic” comments. Colin Price just sent this:

“I was in a cafe near work at lunchtime and they had the BBC Rolling News channel on with the sound down. Prime Minister’s Questions was on with subtitles. The subtitles are automatically generated by a computer program rather than by humans so you get the odd mistake. During PMQs there were constant references to T20. I presume they really said G20 but I could be wrong”.

Apparently not The Hundred though?

Comment by pompeypop

Not a good sign that DM’s contract was not renewed. Of course there may good reasons, but I would be a bit suspicious.

Comment by Ian Laidlaw

I’m not sure that’s what has happened Ian. It says “but has opted not to renew his deal” which implies to me Dimi, not Essex. I’m wondering whether Hampshire knew about this timing when changes began to happen a few weeks ago?

Comment by pompeypop

In another off-topic comment: Nigel Gray seems to be handling the groundsman job applications. Has he come out of retirement?

Comment by Ian White

He’s never completely retired – often around helping out.

Comment by pompeypop

Isn’t he employed as a consultant? In which case it makes sense for him to use his experience to review the applications.

Comment by James

Nigel is taking on Head Groundsman for this coming season. Too important a job with everything going on to appoint someone from outside without knowledge of ground. That will give them a bit of breathing space.

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Thanks Ron. All the news you need on this Blog!

Comment by pompeypop

It’s good to see our promising youngsters secured for the next few years. From Tom Alsop’s comments it seems he is now contracted until 2021 but we haven’t been told the length of the others’ deals beyond 2020. Meanwhile, any news of Gareth Berg and Fidel Edwards?

Comment by Ian White

Here’s news on Bergy for you 😊

Comment by joster69

Again, many thanks for the extra information about the players – a widespread and informative thread this one. Cheers!

Comment by pompeypop

Thanks Jo. Wonder why Hants didn’t announce it on the website?

Comment by Ian White

Maybe we should ask our new Head of Customer Experience?

Comment by James

More good news for people who can only watch cricket at weekends. The 4-day home match vs Warwicks will start on Saturday July 6, instead of the Sunday as initially scheduled. (I should never have downloaded that calendar so early!)

Comment by Hedgehog

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