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Asking the Impossible?
January 29, 2019, 1:26 pm
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In 1983, three current/former/future Hampshire players appeared for the same side in the World Cup matches in England. Not too hard to name them I suspect*.

But it happened again in 2003, and I doubt whether I could name them without looking it up. Can you? (I will tell you)

*This bit is really for information, not a quiz. In 2003 Shane Warne did not appear (or for Hampshire) because he’d been naughty. But why did none of the three men from the first paragraph play in the 1987 World Cup. Does anyone know?

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Good question Dave. Got the three 1983 ones but only one of the 2003 without cheating. I won’t spoil it by giving the answers. Wrt to the last part, where were they in 1987, I suspect that two of them were “past their sell by date” so to speak, not sure about the other unless injured.

Comment by Bob Murrell

I think one was ‘past it’ Bob and you might be right in one case, but the other two both toured England and played in 1988, and one of the three played in the 1992 World Cup.

Comment by pompeypop

I’ve checked and can find no explanation for the non-selection of two of the three in 1987. They both played ODIs before and after that World Cup, and both in ODIs through to the early 1990s. Was it just strange selections? If you haven’t got that bit yet, the three were Andy Roberts (Happy Birthday today), Gordon Greenidge and Malcolm Marshall.

Comment by pompeypop

There are a number of interesting additions to these World Cup stories. In the last World Cup there were some matches in which no fewer than five men who have played for Hampshire played for the same side. That team wasn’t England!

Comment by pompeypop

Interestingly there is another country that had four such players in their squad, not sure if they all played in the same match but I would guess that they did.

Comment by Bob Murrell

We’re having fun then Bob! In fact one of those four played only once (v England) when two of the others were not playing, so never more than three together. Still it’s interesting that in 2015, in addition to those nine players (5 + 4), four other countries each had one ‘Hampshire’ player – but none were English!

Comment by pompeypop

Confused of Pompey!

Comment by Paul

A bit like the football team (suddenly)?

Comment by pompeypop

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