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What’s Happening????
March 28, 2019, 5:03 pm
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I just finished the previous post and read Paul’s comment. What do you guys know that I don’t (and Kevan didn’t yesterday)?

PS Apologies, just spotted the answer (Andy – thanks). It seems a great shame to me. I left the Forum with about two minutes to go, to trundle my books for sale downstairs to catch leavers, so I didn’t hear that – and I hadn’t heard previously. I wonder whether it will particularly affect people who listen on the ground?

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What’s more, I didn’t sell one more book! (30+ sold so far)

Comment by pompeypop

Just to be clear the situation is – BBC commentary and live stream video on line, but no commentary on air?

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

I understood them to say no more MW commentary, online only. So no more listening in the car, or indeed anywhere else, for people not welded to their mobiles – like a substantial % of county cricket supporters, at a guess.

Comment by Jeremy

I am very disappointed the radio commentary is going. I listen (or used to) to every match whether I’m at the ground, in the car or at home. I tried listening on-line once with my phone. Not only was there a delay but my phone battery ran out before lunch!

Comment by Tigger

I’m glad someone who’s obviously tech savvy feels the same – at the ground it’s hopeless (like DAB) because it’s delayed – and elsewhere it’s a big hassle, not to mention costly for those with no need of a data plan. Joster is right that we were lucky, in that I think almost no-one else puts it on MW, but, for me it was about the only thing left that makes me not resent the BBC license fee for the endless stream of pc garbage they pour out.

Comment by Jeremy

So………who will it be 🤔

Comment by joster69

Thanks Jo. 20 people are talking about it? Is everyone else talking about B… No sorry, banned. Who will we get I wonder. Are there Dimuth shirts for the Archive?

Comment by pompeypop

Aiden Markram.

I was hoping for Steve Smith.

Comment by James

After all the lovely Smiths we’ve had & I am really pleased it isn’t……….

Comment by joster69

Hampshire’s “Maiden Aiden” as I believe we haven’t had one before.

Comment by Hedgehog

Apologies to Hedgehog. I’ve posted a new item about Aiden and realised I’ve usurped his Comment – great minds Hedgehog …

Comment by pompeypop

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