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Rilee: Red Ball/White Ball
May 15, 2019, 2:24 pm
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Jo hasn’t seen the article to which I referred in terms of his motivation. The whole piece dated 4 April, is here:


In that interview, on the day before the Championship started, he said

“I feel like the time in my career right now is more white-ball focused. I’m more white-ball driven than in the past when I could still have had Test ambitions**. I loved red-ball cricket at one stage, but since I retired from international cricket maybe that desire for red-ball cricket has gone down”. Then he added about white ball cricket: “you can go out and earn very good money, rather than playing red-ball cricket and standing for four days in the field”.

(**He never played Test cricket)

Well he hasn’t yet had to stand about in the field for four days in his Hampshire career, but for me there are two key reasons to sign Kolpaks (1) To fill a gap – as with our pace bowlers – because we can’t produce them (sadly) or (2) because they are top class. In the Championship I think any Kolpak batsman in his third season should be averaging 40+ and Rilee, who admits he has lost interest, averages around 27. I think that tells its own story.

It’s not personal. I wish him well, but I was not a fan of his signing as a Kolpak from the start. I don’t blame him, I regret that our policy is often to sign people from elsewhere (ten first-teamers from elsewhere this season to date). In Rilee’s case, it’s a shame that he’s been a pretty permanent selection in the Championship for three seasons instead of some of our home grown younger batsmen. If he continued to play for us with a white ball contract, fine, he’s done pretty well, although next year I guess that would mean merely T20.

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Interesting that I posted this as Adam Hose, IOW boy who came through Hampshire’s age groups and 2nd XI, came in to bat for Warwickshire. He played for our 2nd XI alongside Alsop, Weatherley, Crane, Brad Taylor, McManus etc.

Comment by pompeypop

I’m sure many will disagree with me but I can sort of understand where Rilee is coming from in terms of red ball cricket. I think more in terms of fast bowlers but it must be very hard for somebody like Abbott to charge in at full tilt every match knowing that however hard he pushes himself, he won’t be playing test cricket. His first season as a kolpak was excellent but for whatever reason his form has tailed off a bit since although still a good bowler. Morne Morkel had a great first season at Surrey so will be interesting to see how he goes this season. Also Duanne Olivier at Yorkshire will be interesting as he has ambitions to qualify and play for England so he may have more incentive than the others. It must be very difficult to voluntarily give up test cricket and still perform at county cricket to the same level when there is no higher rewards on offer. Just my thoughts!

Comment by John L

Don’t think tailed off is quite the right phrase for Abbott. 60 wickets at 18 in 2017 and 50 wickets in 2018 at 23.

List A wise has improved from 7 wickets at 42 in 2017 to not playing it last year to 20 wickets at 21.

It may be hard for them to be motivated but it was their choice to move

Comment by Ian

Statistics might say otherwise but to my naked eye Abbott wasn’t near as good last season as he was the previous season.

Comment by John L

That’s the key point for me Ian; their choice. But to stress, I did say I don’t blame Rilee, if he’s offered the money – I’m principally questioning our approach to team-building.

Comment by pompeypop

Since this post was first written Abbott has taken 3 wickets including being on a hat trick.

Comment by Ian

Kyle was injured in the first half of last season and his form suffered. On his return to full fitness he had a superb run

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

5.45 pm – he’s doing quite nicely today!

Comment by pompeypop

(5pm) Kevan has just read out a Press Release about English players that have been ‘released’ to take part in the Caribbean T20. Jo got involved on Twitter about the dates and can perhaps tell us more (?) – on line it says:

“The Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and Cricket West Indies (CWI) have agreed a window for the 2019 edition of the tournament. This year’s event will take place between 21 August and 27 September.”

As far as Hampshire are concerned, the players released are Rilee and Liam Dawson who will presumably miss everything from the Oval Championship match, the last four T20s and the last three Championship matches.

Comment by pompeypop

The tournament has been moved to a September 4th start due to India’s tour to West Indies & USA…….will still clash with 3 Hampshire championship matches & Quarter Finals & Finals Day for T20 Blast

Comment by joster69

Will be extremely disappointed if we should be in contention for the Championship (or relegation) and Liam disappears to earn more money in the Caribbean.

Comment by James

Having said that I believe the players named today have just been released to take part in the draft so it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be selected.

Comment by James

My first thought on reading this is that really does have to be “it”.

Makes the Champo just another development comp – except one that’s played when it’s freezing.

Comment by Jeremy

The player draft due in October

Comment by Paul

There is a Wikipedia page all about the 16.4 just in case anyone is interested

Comment by Paul

You can sign up for more information

Comment by Paul

Be interesting to see what the payment arrangements are for members for the 16.4

Comment by Paul

That was a question at the Forum. It seems pretty certain that membership of Hampshire Cricket is NOT linked to watching the Southern Scorchers in the 16.4//Hun-Dread

Comment by pompeypop

So we have to pay ?

Comment by Paul

I agree Paul but they need to be warned that they will need to pay me a huge amount of money to watch this tripe!

Comment by James

They won’t be able to afford paying you and me!

Comment by pompeypop

Replying to Paul, my understanding is that yes, you will have to pay even though you might be a member. I won’t have to pay however (I won’t be there!)

Comment by pompeypop

Extremely unhappy and wife of Pompey!

Comment by Paul

Never mind Paul, tomorrow evening will cheer you up!

Comment by pompeypop

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