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Is That It?
August 16, 2019, 6:12 pm
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Not mathematically, but after today’s abandonment and with four matches left it’s tough. Hampshire are two wins and run rate behind Gloucs in fourth place and three points behind Somerset in fifth – with those two sides still to play each other – so they will either take one more point each or one of them will take two

That suggests Hampshire must win three of the last four at the very least, possibly all four, which would give them 16 points. Then their best bet is for Middlesex to lose all four matches, for Somerset to win only their match v Middx, and for Gloucs to win only their match v Somerset. Hampshire could then finish third!

Let’s guess that Kent v Sussex is off tonight in which case the points table and fixtures remaining is as follows

Sussex 15 – v Essex (H) v Middx (A) v Glams (A) v Gloucs (H)

Kent 14 – v Surrey (H) v Gloucs (H) v Essex (A)

Middx 13 – v Hants (H) v Sussex (H) v Hants (A) v S’set (A)

Gloucs 12 – v S’set (H) v Kent (A) v Sussex (A)

S’set 11 – v Gloucs (A) v Glams (H) v Surrey (A) v Middx (H)

Hants 8 – v Middx (A) v Essex (H) v Middx (H) v Glams (A)

(I’m assuming that if we’re overtaken by the others that really is it).

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I have mentioned before that Hampshire have never qualified for the quarter finals having won fewer than 50% of their matches, which would be seven wins this year. They’ve won three so far, with four to go …

Comment by pompeypop

Two matches abandoned this year is not the worst (yet). They lost three with no results in 2005 (8 matches played); 2011 (18) and 2013 (18). Including two this season, they’ve so far lost 19 in 17 seasons.

Comment by pompeypop

Eight matches scheduled tonight but not one started.

Comment by pompeypop

The CWC seemed to get away with not too many rain affected matches, seems Mother Nature was waiting for the test series and the blast. Thankfully it looks a little better from Sunday onwards for both the test and another game taking place across the river.

Comment by Michael S

Let’s hope so Michael.

Comment by pompeypop

We only play Middlesex (twice) of those above us, so are dependent on others to preform well on our behalf!

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

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