Hampshire Cricket History

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March 26, 2020, 4:54 pm
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I’m sorry about these multiple posts – at least you won’t miss it! I have my lap top back and yesterday posted 1961 below, but when I tried to post this message it would not show on my screen, so I tried again. I can see it worked but now I cannot remove them.

Comment by Dave allen

Sorry, should have added, I can see it on my IPad but not my laptop – and it made me sign in my comment as if I’m just looking here for the first time. I’ll try to solve it.

Comment by Dave Allen

You wait ages for a ‘Don’t Miss’ post on the blog, then three come along together! Life’s like that

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

Lovely! I hope you’re OK Bloggy (I have your scorecard safe) I THINK I’ve sorted it out. Sorry folks

Comment by pompeypop

Yes thanks Dave – no cricket, theatre, exhibitions or holidays – so the revised schedule is work in the garden, keep contact through social media, a daily walk on the Downs. Hope you and Lou are well. All the best

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

And, I forgot, the excitement of the arrival of the weekly online delivery, and discovering what’s not in stock! 😎 Then there’s always 🍷 to fall back on!

Comment by Bloggy McBlogface

Many thanks for the comment/link Dave.

Comment by stephenfh

Very enjoyable Stephen – we should prompt more often – and thanks Bloggy all well here but much the same. That’s another trip to the bottle bank !

Comment by Dave Allen

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