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Off They Go? (& Off It Goes!)
April 25, 2020, 6:33 am
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I suppose we might conclude it’s not all bad news then …


(From Colin, Evening Standard, thank you)



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I think it might be bad news; not because I want to watch it but because the loss of the ECB monies involved plus the massive drop in income may result in major difficulties for many counties (and some may not recover)!
Hampshire Cricket May also be struggling without any income from the 100, Conferences, Hotel events – we must all be careful what we wish for!

Comment by terrycrump

You’ve always been more sensible than me Terry! There’s a thought that runs through my head in these times about the things I care about – when (if?) this is all over I’m entirely sure that whatever the infrastructure and disposition of agents, managers, bosses in general (etc) people will once again paint, make music, tell stories, kick footballs, throw/catch balls. But if cricket as a formally organised and commercially run enterprise (in this country) was to collapse completely, I’m not sure that the game would be revived informally. 50 years ago it would have, without doubt, but today …? And if people did start again from scratch would any games any longer last more than an afternoon?

Comment by pompeypop

Pretty much every cricket fan I’ve spoken to since the ‘Hundred’ was invented thought it was a rubbish idea.
Cricket fans around the country slept well last night. However, when they wake this morning and the full extent of the ECB’s investment in a competition nobody wanted they might not sleep well tonight.
All 18 counties must be worried about the future of cricket as we know it. Financially, it’s a bloody nightmare!!
Perhaps the ECB should have listened to the cricket fans, if they had the ‘Hundred’ would never have got off the ground
and the ECB could have used the millions to help out the county cricket clubs.
I agree that England needed a premier 20/20 competition but the current Blast was doing well and all they needed to do
was increase the number of overseas players from 2 to 3, or even 4 and we would have had an excellent 20/20 competition.
Meanwhile, the average cricket fan can look forward to next April when proper cricket will (fingers crossed) resume.

Comment by Tigger Miles

Maybe those in charge of the counties will consider how they have got themselves in a position where the ECB are allowed to use their players and their grounds (with the exception of Lord’s) to play international cricket in which the ECB get to keep millions of the money generated in their bank accounts giving only a pittance back to the counties who are then forced to accept monstrosities like the Hundred in a desperate attempt to keep afloat.

I’m afraid I am beginning to wonder if the best thing wouldn’t be for the whole sorry structure were to collapse and we were to start again. (I appreciate that many “innocent” folks would lose their jobs which is sadly likely to happen across all sectors in the immediate future).

If that did happen then I’m sure county championship cricket would continue much as it still does in rugby but as a much lower profile competition played by those who are more interested in the sport than money, watched by those who genuinely love the game and played on club grounds not massive stadia. Doesn’t sound that bad does it?

Comment by James

Looking forward to a future with matches played in pleasant settings during high summer. Ground perambulation, tents with global cuisine, bookstall, tea, someone batted well and made a 100, pub, train, home.

A is for Arundel……

Comment by stephenfh


Comment by pompeypop

I think what worries me more is the offer from Abu Dhabi to host the County Championship if required (as seems inevitable). How many members will go there?! Difficult discussions to be had by the Counties on how they manage the income they have already received for membership in 2020.

Comment by Alan Edwards

Would you go (assuming it was possible)? I wouldn’t. I’ve observed previously that quite a few people continued to pay their memberships during the last war (six seasons) simply to ensure the club survived. As a Life Member it’s not something I can do.

Comment by pompeypop

Wouldn’t go. Have already visited Dubai! Weird experience. Ok if you are a westerner -almost fantasy world – but not a local or imported worker. Unseemly wealth sits cheek by jowl with extreme poverty.

Comment by Alan Edwards

Quite a few very interesting comments, even more so than usual.

Would the game be re-invented – and if so, how?

Would it be best if the structure as it is did collapse?

Why do those that OWN the ECB let it behave as it does?

Should a business, that specifically decided NOT to be a club, keep the money when it doesn’t provide the goods?

Wouldn’t it be nice if those that run the game remembered it’s supposed to be fun? (echoes of Gideon Haigh – do we make money in order to play, or do we…)

And is pondering these questions more interesting than watching a game being played in an empty stadium by people only interested in money?

Comment by Jeremy

Just to add, Vic Marks today compares Tom Harrison to… Donald Trump.

And finishes his article thus: “Changing one’s mind is too readily perceived as a sign of weakness. Those in charge at the ECB are faced with huge obstacles at the moment but they are not going to change their minds about the Hundred by taking their blank sheets of paper to the broadcasters in an attempt to come up with something better for the 2021 season. Yet that would be a very brave thing to do. “

Comment by Jeremy

Thank you for both those Comments Jeremy – highly pertinent, very interesting (disinfectant won’t solve it!). Any Answers?

Comment by pompeypop

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