Hampshire Cricket History

More Gloom
April 27, 2020, 4:04 pm
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(Thanks to Colin for this alert)



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‘Unlike the Football Association and Rugby Football Union, the ECB funds professional clubs as well as the international and recreational game.’
Those associations do not keep the TV money so this is not that valid an observation.

Comment by Paul

More than that Paul it is an utter and downright lie. It is the counties that fund the ECB not the other way around.

Comment by James

I find it quite annoying that the BBC have just recycled the Press Release from these ambulance chasing parasites – now the papers are lazily doing the same. There was a time when no-one in the cricket world would have given the likes of these the time of day.

But to revert to the earlier questions – it does raise the interesting question of how anyone imagines the ECB distributing “equity” in the NCC “creates value” – when the counties own the ECB, and thus already own this “asset”.

Comment by Jeremy

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