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Kick ’em Out!
April 28, 2020, 11:32 am
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Interesting idea from Michael Vaughan but the first bit here (I’m being selective) is somewhat odd, isn’t it? I would think “traditionalists” might be all for it:

“Traditionalists will go mad at this, but these are unprecedented times. In the next two years, could you look at not having overseas players for the four-day game?”

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It might be seen as a further vitiation of the Championship game and therefore making it more unattractive thereby making traditionalists mad at the ECB?

Comment by Bill Seager

Call me cynical but could Vaughan’s views on retaining overseas players for white ball cricket reflect his position as a television journalist? Yesterday he believed the 100 should go ahead even behind closed doors. He gave the game away by then admitting he was employed by the BBC to cover this.

Comment by Stuart T

As Chuck Berry once observed, “You Never Can Tell”!

Comment by pompeypop

Michael Vaughan is cricket’s Mr rent-a-quote. So many opinions that should he ever come up with a sensible one it will probably be lost.

Comment by James

James – another example of why this blog needs a “like” button. So very true

Comment by dmashala

I think that quote may also have been taken a little out of context………

He was suggesting that 4 day cricket should be “sacrificed” this year as it costs more than it makes to put on & if the season is to be shortened (we all know it is) then the more profitable versions of the game should be prioritised to fit into the time allowed. Removing overseas players from 4 day cricket was as a money saving exercise as the game recovers from the losses made this year.

Full podcast link below


Comment by joster69

I’m not quite clear why you would drop players from a competition that isn’t going to run; am I missing something? I was pretty ambivalent about the idea, my confusion remains his assumption that “traditionalists” would object – what can he mean by “traditionalists”? Fans of T20, coloured clothes, white balls, floodlights?

Comment by pompeypop

He suggested no overseas players in Championship cricket for the next two years to recoup money lost this year. I think his comment re “traditionalists” was referring to sacrificing the Championship for this year.

Comment by joster69


A sad but interesting listen about Chris Wood’s battles with gambling……..does include some strong language

Comment by joster69

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