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The Hundred
April 30, 2020, 1:27 pm
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Has been postponed until 2021


Plus (more – thanks Colin)

How overseas investment is poised to turn English (but not county) cricket into an imitation of the Premier League, with lots of foreign investors:


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Interesting point though about the 14 Kolpak players signed up this year will have to be overseas next year so might provide more opportunities for domestic players hopefully

Comment by John L

Yes – it would be an irony if an almost wholly English competition ended up almost wholly owned by businessmen (women?) from Asia, down under etc.

Comment by pompeypop

Interesting comments from Rod at the end of that piece. Although we probably cannot be there I do hope he succeeds.

Comment by Stephen

I can’t see anything about/from Rod in either of these posts? Am I being daft?

Comment by pompeypop

So the Horrendous Hundred has been postponed. Makes me want to have a celebratory meal in Beefy’s!

Comment by James

If Asian investment predominates, then it could open the way for Indian players to appear in The Hundred which is the only way that it will attract the fabled new audience. However, it does seem to me that we are sliding inexorably from county to franchise cricket and all that which it entails. Reading the sums in the Oakwell Sports report, I don’t see how all Counties can now survive. There won’t be much, if any, “home” investment monies available for at least 2/3 years because of our economy. The same goes for football clubs in the two lower divisions, and a fewer higher up, though our club will be ok.

Comment by Alan Edwards

I think it is an open matter how viable the county game will be in the future, but if the question is could there be 18 in 2024 then yes sure.Re The 100 my impression is that some inside the ECB are losing a sense of proportion on what it might conceivably ever do. As for Asian investment The IPL has lost 5/13 sides in the last decade. Equity stakes? It’s the ‘free cheese in the mousetrap’ as they said in Australia.

Comment by stephenfh

Money is everything, Rugby (where 20 stone men run 100 yards in 9 seconds and then crash into defenders until one side is worn out so they field another team of substitutes) is finding it tough now, so clubs are cheating on wages. Cricket next? To be honest, I feel saddened but not surprised. Its not as though voting with your feet makes a difference because the TV will be where the money comes from, and a few rich men from shady backgrounds… Ok that’s enough, I’ve been cooped up too long!

Comment by Bill Seager

Take it easy Bill!! Cheers

Comment by pompeypop

At the risk of provoking ire, by revisiting my “ambulance chasing parasites” remark, it turns out its even worse than I thought, though I had known about the CVC connection, a firm much loved by Rugby fans I imagine 😉

“A report from Oakwell Sports Advisory last week suggested the ECB could sell equity in the Hundred franchises. The report was part-written by a former ECB employee and Oakwell has strong links with CVC Capital Partners.” (Daily Telegraph)

I seem to remember the low valuation (£5m vs £40m for the NCC) of the Blast was cooked up by an unknown firm of “consultants”, who it turned out were ex-colleagues of Harrison when he worked in tv.

At least “The Sopranos” made for good tv.

Comment by Jeremy

As a rugby supporter I can say most of us are waiting with some trepidation to see what CVC will do to the game. No one is optimistic except the administrators who can’t see past the money that is being thrown at them and who of course fail to ask why a European buyout firm might be feeding them cash.

I’m not a follower of Formula One but I’m told by those that are that CVC did nothing for their sport.

Easy to see why the ECB would want to get into bed with them of course.

Comment by James

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